Lazy Sunday

The morning started out well enough. I felt good enough to run this morning. 3.50 miles keeping a 6.5-6.8 mph pace through most of it and sprinting up to 7.1 mph for the last few minutes. It’s strange, but as soon as I stop running I start feeling the pain again, even though I felt perfectly fine throughout the entire run. Breakfast was eaten despite the pain because I knew that I needed to: old-fashioned oats made with Raspberry Zinger tea, mixed with chia seeds, cinnamon, and flaxseed meal, and topped with Grape Nuts, PB&Co. CRS, almonds, and cherry preserves. Cherry preserves have a very different consistency than the raspberry preserves, but it’s a nice change of pace even though it will take me another two months to finish this jar.


One of my meese (mooses? moosi?) wanted to eat my bowl of oats. Omnomnom… I took a nap soon after breakfast was over. I had laid down and was curled into a ball and I guess I passed out for a little while, and missed an entire disk or two of Friends (season 6). Since I was still in pain after the nap, I broke down and decided to take some of the pain killers the hospital gave me the other day. It took about 1-1.5 hours for it to kick in enough that I felt like I could get out of my ball, but I’m still not pain-free.

The pain and exhaustion prevented me from eating until dinnertime. I’d really been looking forward to it since I was cooking for Lyle and myself and was glad that I was able to stand up long enough to prepare everything. Asiago Cheese Tortelloni and broccoli cuts. The tortelloni wasn’t my favorite, but it was free as part of a deal at the grocery store so I can’t complain too much.


The evening’s festivities were completed with re-watching the episodes of Friends that I was originally asleep for and hitting the hay early as usual. Not like I didn’t sleep all day or anything, right?

Labor Day tomorrow means no school! Hoping to complete at least a fraction of the schoolwork that I had intended to do this weekend that never got done because it’s hard to read and take notes while completely horizontal and curled up in a ball. I hope that at least some of you are using your day off to visit family or do something fun, because I won’t be!