April Wrap-Up


Sunday = special breakfast. Agreed? In traditional fashion, I’ve decided that Sundays for me now mean pancakes. Now that I’ve learned how to make them, I don’t want to lose the skill. Plus, they’re so delicious they should be made at least once a week, right?

Pumpkin-Raisin Pancakes

– 1/2 c whole wheat flour
– 2 t baking powder (this is what makes pancakes fluffy!)
– 3 T canned pumpkin (yes, I have 2 cans of Libby’s saved from fall)
– 30 g raisins
– 1 1/2 t sweetener
– 1/4 c non-dairy milk
– water, to thin as needed
– pinches of cinnamon, nutmeg, salt

I would recommend that you let the batter sit for a minute or two. The raisins will plump up, which I like, and I’m sure you would, too. This made 4 pretty good sized pancakes; topped with maple syrup and more cinnamon. Nice and simple and filling. Pancake experimentation will continue for weeks to come, messing with proportions, ingredients, and combinations.



I’ve been awarded my first ever blogger award! Molly from Molly Runs Fresh selected me for the ‘Blogalicious’ award.

To keep this award going, I have to (1) tell you who tagged me, (2) share with you 7 things about myself , and (3) tag 15 other bloggers and tell them you did so.

7 Things About Me

1. I’ve moved 9 times, all in and around the same town.
2. In 2006, my mother and I went on a 2-week Harry Potter-themed tour around England and Scotland (Ignore the awkward 15-year-old me and focus on the location, haha.)

3. Even though I’ve only been in college for (almost) two years, I’m considered a senior because I have so many credits. Despite this fact, it will still take me at least another 5 semesters (1 summer, 2 fall, 2 spring) for me to get through all of the classes that I need to graduate with my degree.
4. A friend 2 years younger than me had to teach me how to ride a bike because my dad gave up on trying to teach me.
5. I used to have sports-induced asthma, but “outgrew” it through running.
6. I hate mustard (all kinds), avocados, and brussels sprouts.
7. My favorite food as a kid was ham, american cheese, and ketchup rolled up in a white flour tortilla. Eww.

And I think that I’m going to do the same as Molly did and only choose 5 bloggers to pass the award on to.

1. Kimberley at Yoga, Life and Love
2. Little College Vegan
3. Ellen at Cinnamonalicious
4. Allison at Oats and Spice
5. Daniel at One Step Closer

I guess that this means that I get to cross off yet another 40 in 400 list item!


Finals week starts tomorrow. I have 2 Monday (1 online, 1 in person), 1 Wednesday, and then my last 1 is on Thursday. Then I get a week off to gather myself together for summer classes. 5 days a week; 8am-12pm. (At least until 4th of July, then I’ll have a new schedule.) Looking at it like that, things don’t seem too intimidating. I’ll be plenty busy, but I think it will be good for me because my boyfriend’s interviews went really well and it’s looking good that he will be offered an internship and be away all summer. And the 8am thing isn’t really an issue. I’m definitely not a party animal nor do I enjoy late nights. A girl needs her sleep.


April has changed me so much and a lot happened in that short amount of time:

Now I can’t wait to see what May will bring: the end of spring semester, the beginning of summer semester, my birthday, and more training milestones.



Recovery run today. 2 miles, no big deal, just to stretch my legs and joints. Last night, my ankle was a bit wonky, but I iced it pretty well yesterday and this morning it seemed to be a-okay.

As I’m upping my long-run distances I keep worrying about injury. I think that I’m doing all that I can to avoid hurting myself, but I still have the worry that my body is going to rebel and take me out of training for a week or two (or *shudder* more).

Later in the day, I decided to also run through my Jillian Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD since I felt like I was slacking on the upper body work this week.

Yesterday, after my 8-miler, I realized that my half marathon is no longer a matter of “Can I do it?” but “When will I do it?” (in reference to speed, not the date since I’m already signed up for one in mid-September). I know in my head and in my heart that I will be able to finish what I started and come out stronger (mentally and physically) on the other side. Since I began training 1 month ago, so much has changed (read more on this in the “Life” section above). I’ve done things that I never thought I would be able to do, looking back at the girl who almost puked after running a mile at her first day of cross country practice freshman year of high school.


I’m now on Formspring! I plan on doing a Q&A post once I get enough responses. Seriously, ASK ME ANYTHING. My running, family, school, ED, nothing is off limits. And it’s completely anonymousso don’t hold back. I’ll open up about pretty much any part of my life, I just have to be asked first.

You can check out my answers from Part 1 here.


Molly Runs Fresh went to Prom this week and it got me to reminiscing about my own Senior Prom. I loved my dress. It reminded me of Taylor Swift’s dress in her “Love Story” music video (on the left).

I got my massive heels caught in the lining of the dress so many times that night. Literally ripped a hole, but you can’t tell. I still have the dress, but I’m thinking of donating it to one of those “Project Princess” programs.

What did you wear to your prom?


11 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up

  1. I loved your prom dress! The layers of fabric give it such a pretty, elegant look. I definitely agree that it was Taylor Swift-y, in that you totally rocked it 🙂 And FINALLY, somebody else who doesn’t like avocados! I thought I was the only person in the blogosphere who doesn’t like them. I told my mom it tastes like a fruit that wants to be a meat and she cracked up. I do love mustard though, oh yesss. Have a great Sunday and May Day

  2. Girllll love your prom dress, you looked gorgeous! 🙂

    I love how you now love pancakes 🙂 yummmm, they are good.. I need to start making them more myself! I love trying new things and falling in loveeeee, there are so many different varieties you can experiment with hey! I will be definitly tryiing this recipe!

    LOVE how you accomplished/started so much this month! May will be even better 😉

    I love awards, you get too know so much about ppl! thanks for passing it on, I will do it for sure! PS your favourite food as a kid…. ewww hahaha

    • I know. I look back at it now and I tell my friends about it and we all gag, but apparently my mom and grandma made it for me all the time! I think I was just a really picky kid and wouldn’t eat that many foods.

  3. Your prom dress is beyond beautiful. My prom dress was pretty run-of-the-mill, a 50’s style brown number. It doesn’t fit my chest anymore, though (not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing!).

    Props for going on a Harry Potter tour! I’m from the UK, and despite visiting Alnwick, Kings Cross and Scotland a number of times, I’ve never visited any of the Harry Potter ‘monuments’ like Platform 9 3/4. New life mission for me, perhaps?

    • I loved the gardens at Alnwick!

      I actually visited both Platform 9 3/4s. The one above, which they built and put up on the side away from the trains because they received so many more tourists after the movie came out, and then the real one in the station.

  4. I love your dress! Ohhhh my dress was a bunch of crazy colors! I loved it.

    I did the staging (space layouts & decor) for project princess this year! It was so much fun, I loved it. Def. a great organization:)

  5. Ohmygoodness you look SO GORGEOUS in that picture!! I LOVE your dress!! Can I have it please?! 😉

    And I LOVE that you’ve been on a Harry Potter tour here!! I’m sure it’s totally normal that I’m slightly jealous…! 😛

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