Need A Breather


B-fast cookie dough cereal for, well, breakfast. Following the microwave trick. No picture. I forgot to grab my camera before I started eating and since it was an exact repeat of the last time I made it I figured y’all could just look at the picture in the last post. Plus some tropical trail mix because I still felt a little hungry.

Lunch was not photographed either, as I was focusing on just being with my boyfriend and trying to take staged and pretty pictures of your food kind of takes away from that. However, when we parted ways for the day I was famished (apparently a rest day does not mean that my appetite will take a rest) and I grabbed a banana with white chocolate pb. It’s weird. Usually on days that I run I hardly feel hungry at all, but on the one day a week I make sure to take off and just rest I can’t seem to get enough!

Dinner was another attempt at using up that jar of marinara sauce, only this time I crumbled in a veggie burger (sort of like meatballs?) and threw in some spinach and had some fruit on the side. I really hate ground meat and sausage meat substitutes. All others I have encountered I seem to do fine with, but get me around those and I start to gag.

And I’m thinking of having a yogurt mess for dessert later! Sa-weet. Watch it take forever for me to go through these last two boxes of cereal. I’m definitely not the cereal monster that I once was, which has resulted in me having the same boxes of cereal in my cabinet for quite a few months now. Good thing I like stale cereal! This doesn’t even include the granola that I have on hand as well. For me, granola = cereal but oatmeal does not = cereal.



Internet problems continuing. No idea what’s wrong. The boyfriend came over and had a look and hung out with me a bit since we both have a completely free day for the first time this year it seems. It felt so nice to be able to hang out with him and not have to worry about school or training or other common sources of stress in our lives. Turns out, he did not get the summer internship that he interviewed for, so he’ll be sticking around this summer taking classes and working. I’m both happy and sad about this, and of course he is upset and this will cause some problems at his apartment, but I think everything should work out okay in the end.

The boyfriend thinks that the reason we’ve been getting intermittent internet is a problem with our cable/internet provider (yeah, the one that just got fixed the other day) so that’s on the agenda for the next week to get replaced. Either the entire cable running around underground outside or the cable box itself; wherever the problem may be.

Electronics and I are not friends. Even my cell phone has been acting up more and more the past week or two. I’m pretty sure that I’ve gone through at least half a dozen phones due to technical difficulties in the past year alone.

Anyways, it was amazing to be able to just relax and unwind as my stellar grades start to roll in. I received an e-mail (we get our scores e-mail to us if they were done on bubble sheets) and I got a 105% on my Physiology exam from yesterday. The one that took me 15 minutes. Getting a 97% overall in a class that a lot of people fail makes me feel good. Sorry if it sounds like I have a big ego, but you just gotta pat yourself on the back sometimes. *patpat*

In other news, I won a giveaway! By this time next week, I will have in my possession some awesome vegan, gluten-free cookies from Liz Lovely. I love getting treats! And since I never want to bake anything like cookies or brownies since it’s just me and the recipes I find usually involved ingredients I can’t find, giveaways are pretty much my only source of sweet baked goods like that.



REST DAY! Ever so important and oh so well deserved, I think.


I’m now on Formspring! I plan on doing another Q&A post once I get enough responses. Seriously, ASK ME ANYTHING. My running, past, relationships, family, school, ED, advice, nothing is off limits. And it’s completely anonymousso don’t hold back.


How does your appetite change on rest days?

Do you ever feel guilty for getting a good grade in a class or doing better than your friends on a test?


5 thoughts on “Need A Breather

  1. First time on your blog and I love the design very nice! I never disclosed my grades in UNI, if I did good or bad i kept it to myself otherwise people might make it into a competition which is something I did not want

  2. Amazing test scores! You should be very proud of yourself. I’m sitting at 100% even among the first 3/4 exam grades in our Phys course. I’m just aiming for a 97 because he calls that an “A+” or “academic honors” which means our professor is willing to write letters of recommendation and such for you. He’s an extremely smart professional and I’d be thrilled to have his name back me up if I ever needed it.

    Keep up the good work with school and don’t stress out about it too much! 😉

  3. Wow, that is an awesome grade for physiology! Don’t feel boastful at all, you should be damn proud!
    I feel the same way about cereal/ granola/ oatmeal. I’ve had a box of grape nuts in my cupboard for over 2 months.. still unopened!

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