Step Back


Regular pre-long-run fuel for breakfast:

Oat bran, flax, chia seeds, cinnamon, protein powder, homemade cashew butter, and strawberry preserves.

After my run, I had a cinnamon-raisin bagel with cheddar Daiya and apple slices with the rest of the apple on the side. Look at how big this apple was! I needed 2 bowls in addition to the slices that I put on my sandwich just to hold it all (with copious amounts of cinnamon on top, of course).

I’ve really been struggling with getting myself to eat for the past week or two. It always feels like there’s something stuck in my throat which makes it really hard to mentally get myself to eat. For some reason it has also been making me feel not hungry. I don’t know what’s going on, but if it persists for much longer I’m definitely going to make myself an appointment with my primary. I don’t think it can wait a month when I have my next follow-up with my gastroenterologist.

Yogurt mess for a substantial snack. A bit of stomach/IBS trouble as well. I’m hoping that it’s just due to stress. I wasn’t even all that hungry but I knew that after long-runs I need to eat more. Just a reminder, unless this is a WIAW post, I do not post everything that I eat in a day. So I’ve eaten more than you see/read here today, promise.

Dinner was spinach, bulgur, red pepper hummus, and black beans with cumin and some other spices thrown in as well. It reminded me of one of Carrie’s Luscious Bowls.

I have some recipes in mind for dessert, but I think I’m going to put this post up now and wait until tomorrow’s post to show y’all. Who knows? It may not even turn out that well and not be worth a picture or recipe to be shared. Plus, I’ll be posting a Mother’s Day dessert recipe. That’s two desserts coming at ya tomorrow. Prepare yourself.



Attempt #1 at getting our internet fixed; for good this time. They gave us a new, updated cable box so hopefully that fixes the problem. So far, so good. Strike that, we’re still having the intermittent problem. Believe it or not, it’s actually gotten worse since we switched out the box to a newer model. The only reason I’m even able to post this right now is because I’m on an almost non-existent public network. I will never understand technology. Guess who gets to have their yard ripped up on Thursday (we got an earlier appointment since it’s completely out now!) to get the entire cable replaced?

Luckily, I have my book (The China Study <– everyone should read this book, seriously!), my boyfriend, and my workouts to distract me this week before I stick my head back into my school books and homework. Not to mention my best friend from high school is turning 21 tomorrow as well as it being Mother’s Day! I have something in the works for mi madre that I’m quite excited about. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see!



Cut back week. Given that I ran 8 miles last weekend, you would assume that the natural progression of things would mean that I run 9 miles today. Nope! Threw a curveball at ya, didn’t I? Actually, I’ve decided that this week would “only” be 6 miles and that next weekend will be the 9-miler. This isn’t due to any injury or anything like that, but I think that it would be a good idea for me to not be increasing my mileage every week. 6 is still a pretty good feat and I want to see if it will help me in better preparing for the longer runs that are coming up.

Since I began my half-marathon training a month before I had originally intended to start, I am way ahead in my plan. I’m hoping that this means that I will be able to do two 12-milers before my race in September rather than just once. This is all very new to me and I’m experimenting. I love running and hope to continuing running for as long as my body will hold out, and part of that means racing. I want to try lots of different techniques and training plans to find one that is best for me. I’m doing this all without a trainer/coach or anybody to help me because I honestly don’t know anyone who runs.

Mile 1: 8:09
Mile 2: 7:58
Mile 3: 7:55
Mile 4: 7:56
Mile 5: 7:54
Mile 6: 7:57
Total: 48:07

TMI WARNING!: So, I finally got a “real” running shirt to wear. Turns out, I kinda have a bit of a nip problem when I run. Too bad I didn’t notice until about 4.5 miles into my run. That is so embarrassing! I never noticed before because I’m usually in fairly lose and thick(er) shirts. I’m sure that I exhibited some pretty unusual running form trying to hide it from all the passing cars and walkers. Gah!


I’m now on Formspring! I plan on doing another Q&A post once I get enough responses. Seriously, ASK ME ANYTHING. My running, past, IBS, relationships, health, family, school, ED, advice; nothing is off limits. And it’s completely anonymousso don’t hold back.


Have you ever had to deal with the *ahem* “nip problem”?

Do you have a special meal that you eat before long runs/races?


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