Great Combinations


Since the smoothie idea didn’t really work out last night, I decided to try something else to get my chocolate-cherry fix. Boatmeal!

Chocolate-Cherry Boatmeal

– 1/2 c oats (**)
– 1/4 c non-dairy milk
– 1/4 c applesauce
– 1/4 t vanilla extract
– 1/4 c cherries, chopped
– a few shakes of cinnamon, a dash of salt
– 1 T chocolate nut butter (I used Dark Chocolate Dreams pb)

Mix everything but the nut butter together in a bowl. Pour half the batter in the bottom of a greased ramekin. Spoon nut butter into center. Pour rest of the batter on top. Bake at 350deg for 16-20 minutes. Broil for the last minute or two if you want a crunchier top.

**I usually use quick oats if I’m baking the day off and old-fashioned oats if I’m making it the night before.

Definitely made up for my fail of a smoothie.

Lunch was my latest favorite salad; plus some fruit.

Spinach, carrots, cucumber, salsa, cumin, roasted red pepper hummus, and tempeh. Salsa + hummus = a fantastic combination.

Dinner. Well, I’ve never been very good with coming up with ideas for dinner. Tonight was no different. Since we obviously don’t have air while the guys are working on replacing our unit, I wanted to stay away from the stove/oven for the evening.

Cookie Dough Smoothie! Spiru-Tein Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough protein packet and soy milk topped with mini vegan chocolate chips and chia seeds. It, of course, didn’t actually taste like cookie dough, but it was still good nonetheless. I added a bit too much xanthan gum; man do I wish that I had some guar gum around as well. I hear some really great consistencies are made with the right proportions of both gums.

As if that wasn’t enough of a treat, I had half of one of the Liz Lovely cookies that I won (only 1/2 left!). It was calling to me from the bottom shelf! Have you guys checked out their goodies yet? (They also have chocolate-covered things!)



The guys working on our AC/water heater are so loud. Two floors up and I can hear them with all of their tools drilling and pounding away. No AC or water today, so I guess that this was a perfect day to not work out!

Today was the last day that I’m able to see my boyfriend before he moves for his internship. It’s all just so crazy fast. He got the final call yesterday, is moving tomorrow, and then starts work Monday. I really wish that I didn’t have so much already planned for tomorrow so that I would be able to see him, but I have plans that were made back in the beginning of the year that I really can’t break.

We went to the mall so that he could get a few “professional” things to wear to work and I wanted to hit up the bookstore as well as scope out the shops a little just in case I actually find something that I didn’t hate. I truly have found the perfect man for me. I’m pretty sure that he hates shopping just as much as I do.

I legit think that I’m allergic to shopping because I got an insane headache after only 1 store. However, he drags it out and I do it fast. He walked away with a pretty good start to a professional wardrobe from Macy’s and I used my birthday coupon to buy some non-athletic shorts (I don’t own any!). Luckily, by the time I got home, the air and water were back on.

I started reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo since my mom had it on her bookshelf already (read: I did not have to pay for it), I know that it’s a popular book/series, and I had a few friends recommend it to me. So far, so good. It’s a bit longer than I would probably have normally picked, but as long as it’s not just a bunch of filler stuff I usually don’t mind. I would never have gotten through the Harry Potter or Twilight series otherwise.



Rest day! Good thing, too, since it was another 80+ deg day. I’ve got 9 miles planned tomorrow for my long run. Wish me luck!


Do you like shopping?

Do you find that you crave things like smoothies more when it’s hot out or is your appetite pretty much the same year-round? – I’ve definitely done a complete shift from vegetables over to fruits in the past few weeks. I rarely want fruit in the winter.


7 thoughts on “Great Combinations

  1. Your boatmeal looks AWESOME!! I love putting little sneaky things in the middle 🙂
    Yes I LOVE shopping!! can’t wait to go soooon!!
    and that book is amazing btw, you’ll love it!

    • I’m positive that if it weren’t for the fact that he NEEDED clothes for his new job and that that job just happened to start THIS MONDAY that neither of us would have gone. And I only bought something PERIOD because I had a coupon that was sent to me since my birthday is in May.

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