Day One, Start Over Again


Regular bowl of oat bran as pre-long run fuel yesterday. This was also Day #1 of my “Week Without Calories” personal challenge.

Oat bran, vanilla protein powder, flaxseed, chia seeds, pumpkin, sunflower seed butter, raisins, and cinnamon. Nice and bland; just what I need when I’m about to do a lot of running. Stick with what you know.

Wrap and fruit made in a hurry (so no picture) since I didn’t have that much time to cool down, stretch, eat, shower, and get ready for the play before it was time to leave.

I also grabbed a bar to stick in my bag to eat before the show. I ate it but, unfortunately, it had been a bar that I bought solely because it was on sale. The ingredients list wasn’t the greatest and I ended up feeling really sick less than halfway through and we had to leave the show early and go home.

I know how to make myself feel better when I’m in pain, because I have come to understand my IBS more, but unfortunately my little “regimen” isn’t really socially acceptable. TMI ALERT! Essentially, I roll around on the floor, do yoga poses, and do jumping jacks to make myself fart. That’s what causes me the pain and to some extent the nausea. It’s just really terrible gas that builds up in my intestines. So, we came home, I did my weirdness, and I felt probably 80% better in under 10 minutes. SO FRUSTRATING that it had to ruin the afternoon!

Dinner came late because it took a little while more for the last 20% of the pain to pass. And I wanted to take it easy, so I went with a sandwich and fruit and dip.

Dessert was a variation on my peanut butter souffle bake recipe. Instead of applesauce, I subbed in pumpkin (and added more water to compensate), added in some cinnamon, and put mini vegan chocolate chips in the middles of both before baking. I also topped one with a few crushed chocolate cookies. It wasn’t quite sweet enough for my tastes and I barely noticed that there were chocolate chips in there, but it did make a slightly more dense souffle. Oh well, just means that more tweaking is needed!



My boyfriend is honestly amazing. Yesterday he stopped by in the small window of time that I had between running and having to leave for the musical and between him moving from here to his job so that we could see each other one last time. I really am going to miss him and his constant support so much this summer.

As you read above, my mom and I had to leave in the middle of the show yesterday because of something I ate causing me pain. I’m pretty sure that this happened the last time we went to see a show as well. It just sucks that I’ve been doing so well with my IBS symptoms and I’m brought down by a bar in a matter of seconds/minutes.

I still don’t have any of my textbooks, even the ones that I was promised would get to me before today. I’m beyond upset because I already have assignments due and I can’t do anything without those materials. I’ve tried contacting the professors but I haven’t heard back from any of them concerning the matter and I can’t afford another $400+ to buy all the books again and have them shipped to me overnight. This is why I hate bookstores; random strangers over third-party internet sellers are more reliable than they are. That just isn’t right.

In the meantime, I’m actually enjoying reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. If only the names and places weren’t in Swedish (?). Already over 100 pages into it so far. The American film adaptation should be interesting. I know that there is already a Swedish version, but that’s entirely in, well, Swedish (that’s a language as well, right?), and so you have to read subtitles throughout the entire thing to know what’s going on. I am not a fan of having to read subtitles during films.

Today, my mom and I went to go see Bridesmaids. It was HI-LARIOUS! And free, which all free things are good. My mom had some gift certificates to a local movie theater that we don’t normally go to, so we decided that this would be a great chance to use them up before they expired and went to waste.

Also, we took a side trip to Best Buy. My mother has finally taken a step into this century and bought herself an iPod (not one of the fancy ones, just a tiny, simple model). She has started walking more and realized just how boring doing nothing but walking for 50-60 minutes can be by yourself and going over the same route over and over again. So, she decided to get an iPod so that she could listen to her Harry Potter books on CD. Just 1 more week until she walks in her first 5K! And it’s sponsored by the ACS no less, yay!

Summer Session 1 classes start tomorrow, eek! None of my materials have arrived yet still, so I will be a nervous wreck, pretty much, until I have them in my hands. I’ll be taking a Kinesiology class and a Spanish class 4-5 days a week from now until the end of June. I think I’ll be a lot more excited about both of them after this whole textbook debacle is passed. Also, I go back to work tomorrow. Still going to try and squeeze in working 10 hours a week in addition to the classes, homework, and training. Essentially, since this is a summer semester, it will be like I was taking 14 credits. So, pretty much what I was doing throughout this past Fall and Spring. So, I’m pretty sure I can do it and manage my time well!



Much too rainy and there was some pretty crazy strong wind for a recovery run, so instead I did a circuit workout which I modified from one I found by The Fitnessista:

At-Home Circuit Training

Jump Squats (1 minute)
Push-Ups (1 minute)
Chair Tricep Dips (30 seconds)
High Knees (1 minute)
Plank (20 seconds)
Side Plank (20 seconds)
Side Plank other side (20 seconds)
Plie Squat with weights (1 minute)
Calf Raises (1 minute)
Pilates Swimming (1 minute)
Repeat 2 times

I also did a little more ab work afterwards. It may not look like much, but man was I feeling it. I hope that I still feel alright for my first day of class tomorrow. I think we may be doing a fitness test? Well, at least it will look like I improved a lot at the end of the class 7 weeks from now!


Do you eat the same things over and over before races/long runs?

POLL: Philadelphia for the Healthy Living Summit or San Diego for the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo? – HLS would be on my own to meet other bloggers, FNCE is through the American Dietetics Association (ADA) and I would be traveling with others in my Dietetics program at university to meet RDs from across the country and meet with potential internship program directors.


5 thoughts on “Day One, Start Over Again

  1. The conference choice is a really tough call. I’d love to go to FNCE this year but the extra funds that our dietetics club gets go for the seniors to travel and I’d have to fund all of it myself. That said, I’m going to plan for it next year.

    FNCE would add to your dietetics portfolio and the HLS would be an amazing experience to meet many bloggers, and heck, could probably even go in the portfolio as well. Seeing as how you’re in a crunch for money by the looks of how things are going with your textbooks, I’d probably opt for the cheaper one, assuming you’re equally interested in going to both of them. Otherwise just stick with your gut feeling and choose the one you’d rather attend! 😉

    • Our Dietetics club will reimburse some of the San Diego trip, and we’re going as a group to get better rates, but I think, after all of that, that it will pretty much be even. At our school, the juniors go to FNCE because there is just not time to go during the Fall of senior year. We all take the same classes then and it’s literally impossible to do anything besides study for that entire semester. Plus, I want to go in to senior year knowing which internships are my top 3

  2. Ooo… I think I might have to try your circuit workout! Before AM long runs, I am SUPER conscious about how my stomach is feeling because I’m prone to stomach issues on long runs. I run better on a slightly empty stomach so I just make toast and go. I don’t need much because I usually have spaghetti or some forms of carbs the night before so my carb stores are fairly high. I have a quick question about the bar that gave you stomach pain/bloating… did it have any sugar alcohols like malitol or sorbitol? Those seriously give me debilitating stomach pain and they are found in some energy bars. I avoid them at all costs and sometimes even erythritol *sp?* (totally natural, found in Truvia) gives me stomach issues. Take care!

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