Put On Hold


Note: My WIAW posts will be put on hold at least until the end of June due to work/class conflicts! But I can’t wait until I get time enough to do them again!

Breakfast was pumpkin-protein oatbran. I will probably be eating a good amount of oatbran during the week (at least Monday – Thursday) because of my fitness class and I know that it normally sits well with me when I have to work out.

If only I was actually hungry when I wake up! The problem is, is that I don’t have very much time to eat and do what I need to do before leavig the house for the day. I already wake up very early and it just wouldn’t be healthy for me to wake up an extra hour or so earlier just so that I’m actually hungry when I’m eating my breakfast. I did still feel extremely rushed this morning when making/eating my oats. I want to be able to savor it and not wolf it down, but it looks like that isn’t really an option. I see a lot of burnt tongues in my future.

I don’t know if it was the pumpkin, or the new jar of almond butter, or the fact that I finally got to open my huge bag of Sun Warrior protein powder, but I think that these were probably the creamiest oats that I’ve had to date. If only I could have let it cool off more before having to eat it!

I pulled together more odds and ends to lunch/snacks today. I had much less downtime to actually eat any of it, though, since I have full class periods now rather than just the “first day = syllabus day” schedule in which everything gets out an hour early.

The only real criterion that I had for dinner was “hot”. We’re back to having a bit of a cold spell again boo Michigan so naturally I’m craving warm things to warm me up from the inside out! But when I got down to the kitchen, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted. Enter: really random bowl of warm goodness.

Quinoa, cherries, raisins, almonds, and sunbutter. Sweet from the fruit; salty from the sunbutter. This would be great any time of day, I think. I really didn’t want anything savory, so this was perfect and I’m surprised that it didn’t turn out too bad! Not nauseating and it did the job, so, a win in my book. I may even experiment with it some more soon. Who knows.

I’ve been consuming copious amounts of fruit lately. It seems to be all that I crave! Vegetables seriously just don’t sound good right now.



“I urge people not to be ‘normal’. A ‘normal’ lifestyle is hazardous to your health. Most ‘normal’ people are overstressed, overweight, underfit, and have given in to poor diets. In addition, most ‘normal’ people aren’t having all that much fun living. Most normals aren’t seeking added  meaning and purpose to their lives.” – Don Ardelli

The above quote was in my KIN textbook, and it just struck me for some reason, so I thought that I would share.

We learned about the phases of healthy habit forming and the processes involved. We talked about the Transtheoretical Model of behavior change and it’s 5 stages and the 9 processes involved in change. and goal setting. Be SMART with your goals! (Specific Measurable Achievable Reward Time-defined). Change does not happen all at once. It takes a lot of time and commitment; planning and, yes, even setbacks.



For the activity portion of my KIN class we worked on technique and form. Lots of squats, lunges, running, and stretches.

My shins have been hurting for some reason, but only when I walk and only when I’m wearing shoes. If I’m barefoot then I appear to be okay. How weird is that?

Anyways, I had planned on running today, but due to the icky weather and the shin thing I decided to swap it out for one of my Jillian DVDs. Hoping for a run tomorrow, though!


Are you hungry right when you wake up in the morning, or does it take awhile for your stomach to wake up as well?

Has anyone else been bit by the fruit bug lately?


9 thoughts on “Put On Hold

  1. its the sun warrior!! it makes oats so creamy!! ahh hope the work gets easier girl!!!
    Are you hungry right when you wake up in the morning, or does it take awhile for your stomach to wake up as well? usually yes! occasionally no!

    Has anyone else been bit by the fruit bug lately? YES MAM! esp nanners!

  2. As a self-declared “knowing how to make your shins hurt but not knowing how to fix them” expert, that doesn’t surprise me. Humans are meant to be barefoot, so we experience the least pain in our bodies that way. Of course, if you all of a sudden went from wearing shoes everyday to being barefoot 24/7, you’d be hurting yourself because your foot bones are so, so tender and weak from shoe wearing. When barefoot, you put pressure on all the right places, making your feet and legs fell much better!

    I need to try this “sun warrior” you two are talking about!
    I’m almost always hungry when I wake up. If not, then by half an hour I am. I have a hard time staying full for more than 2 or 3 hours, though.

  3. It’s deffinetly the sunwarrior. My oats have been AMAZING since I got some about a week ago 🙂

    I usually don’t actually feel hunger when I wake up but like I know I’m hungry.. ha it takes a while for the feeling to come. I don’t know – it’s weird 😛

    I totally have the fruit bug! But that happens to me every summer. Summer fruits are the best!

  4. I am usually hungry in the morning but I’m an early riser so that doesn’t present a problem in terms of timing. I hope you don’t burn your tongue! Have you thought about overnight oats? Now that it is getting warmer, it wouldn’t be bad to have them cold or you could warm them up in the morning. I need it to be nectarine season like NOW!

    • I actually don’t like overnight oats that much! Plus, it doesn’t work real well with oat bran. 6am is pretty cold no matter the season, and I usually want something warm to eat for breakfast.

      I don’t ever burn my tongue, but I like the “skin” that forms and the thickening that occurs when you let them sit for a while 🙂

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