Living For This Week’s End


Hot creamy, dreamy oat bran for breakfast. I solved my time issue by packing my lunch for today last night, which gives me about another 5-7 minutes in the morning.

With pumpkin, chia seeds, flaxseed, strawberry preserves, Sun Warrior, and lots of drippy almond buttah.

For lunches and snacks, I’ve been bringing with me to campus: bananas, plums, carrots, sunbutter, a sandwich, a spinach salad, and maybe some little cookies or something else sweet like that. I’ll eat throughout the day, pretty much, and not at a specific time. Other than for breakfast, I think that I’ve become quite the “grazer”.

Dinner was a Green Monster. The sun finally decided to reappear in my life and allow the clouds to part, so I wanted a nice and cold GM.

Chocolate-Mint, topped with sweet potato puffs and some Enjoy Life trail mix for chew. This was probably my best GM to date and I have no idea why! I don’t think that I really did anything differently, but who knows. I kind of just throw things in more randomly now that I’m not obsessing over measuring and counting calories.



I only had one class today in addition to a few hours of work. Even though I didn’t have my 8am class, I still got up early to read and get in a good (as in not rushed) breakfast. I’m experimenting with making voluminous oats, but it’s going to take a while to perfect because every microwave is different and I have a very strong microwave. I’ll get it there, don’t worry. It’s my current mission in life.

My Spanish class actually got out very early today because we had a pop quiz, so I was able to go home for a little while before having to head back to campus for work. The main street that the university is on is a mess right now because there’s this huge art festival this weekend (it’s always my birthday weekend, always). Coupled with the fact that summer = construction season on campus and I’m finding it a bit difficult to get to my classes because so many sidewalks and roads are shut down and blocked.

The birthday cards are already starting to roll in. I still haven’t really planned anything because of the festival making it impossible to pretty much be anywhere cool/nice in town, but I’m just happy that my boyfriend is driving down for the night so we can have dinner and I can kick his butt into doing homework (yes, we’re both taking summer classes). I kind of know what I’m getting from my dad, since he pretty much told me, but any actual presents I receive (as in, not money) will be a total surprise to me since I haven’t really asked for anything for the past couple of years.

Hoping to get together with a new(er) friend of mine later today, but I haven’t heard from her yet to know what’s up. I’ll let you know tomorrow! It may just be me and my KIN textbook spending a wild and crazy night in my room tonight. 😉




My glutes are still a little sore, but my booty feels hard as a rock! Wha-BAM!

But I’m feeling pretty good and ready for tomorrow’s run. I’ve planned for a 7-miler, so not too bad considering I did 9 no problem last weekend, right? I’m hoping so! Getting it out of the way nice and early because it’s supposed to be hot and I want to be clean and smelling nice for when the boyfriend arrives.


Does the town that you live in have any big, annual festivities?

Are you bootylicious? – I may not have much of a badonkadonk, but I work with what I got! I think the women in my family are just doomed to not have butts as enviable as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, or Beyonce.


7 thoughts on “Living For This Week’s End

    • All the women in my family are pretty flat in the back, but there is muscle in this woman’s behind!

      Xanthan gum is god for thick smoothies, I just wish that I could find some guar gum (other than online) to even it out. I hear the best smoothies combine a little of both. XG makes it thick; GG makes it creamy.

  1. Hmm I would say for my body type, I would be considered bootylicious but that could be a slight overstatement lol. I love gerber puffs too! Have fun on your 7-Miler tomorrow 🙂

  2. I miss pumpkin!! I need to get me a jar..
    I’m about to go make myself a green monster right now actually!

    I was nominated for a bootylicious award a while back so I guess I can say I’m bootylicious 😉

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