My First Gluten-Free Baking Experience


Yeah, I know that it was Sunday, but my boyfriend was sleeping on the couch and I didn’t want to make more noise than I had to when making breakfast in the morning. So, I made a PIAJ with an almost empty jar of Sunbutter.

You can’t really see what’s inside, and the label was impossible to rip off to show you guys, but it was really good! I’ve already gone out bought another jar of Sunbutter to replace this one.

Fast forward to dinner. I hadn’t been feeling very well in between breakfast and dinner, so I took it easy and had what I really wanted: birthday oat bran!

I’ve been perfecting Carrie’s method, and I think that I’ve finally got the power settings down. I have a 1000 watt microwave and would be happy to post the modifications that I made if someone requests them in the comments below. I even put a little candle in it (you can sort of see the hole to the left of the almond butter blob in the center) and blew it out.

For a real birthday treat, I tried my hand at my very first gluten-free baking experience. I made a GF Chocolate-Chocolate-Chip Single Lady Cupcake with peanut butter frosting and topped with extra chocolate chips.

I used brown rice flour instead of the whole wheat flour that I usually use. It created a much more dense cupcake, and if I hadn’t been distracted by #runchat I probably would have taken it out of the oven a couple minutes sooner, but overall I really liked this cupcake! I can’t wait for other opportunities to arise that will allow me to use GF substitutions.

I’m hoping to eat more GF in the hopes that this will help with my IBS, which has gotten worse as of late, though I don’t plan on completely nixing it from my diet right now.

My blood tests from last summer showed that I do not have Celiac disease, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I should be eating a loaf of whole wheat bread every day either.

I’ve been doing some more reading into it and a GF- or partially-GF-diet may make me feel better regardless of what my test results were. It was interesting to learn that, really, humans weren’t originally made to eat gluten. It is a relatively recent (as in total human/world history) change in the human diet that our bodies have had to adapt to over time.



Week 2/7 of Summer Session 1. In KIN we talked about nutrition in general, not really much more than what are carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, vitmains, and water.

In Spanish, we have a new teacher because the old one returned to Spain for the rest of the summer at the last minute at the end of last week. I like his teaching style a lot better; more of the “throw ’em into the water, sink-or-swim” kind of immersion style of teaching.

I was on my own for work today, since my boss is trying to sell her house so she has to go to about a bajillion house showings at the last minute. I like it though since I’ve always been more of an independent worker.

After my mom got home from her meeting, I took the car so that I could mail my blogger exchange package. I really hope that I didn’t mess up! I tried to be very careful in reading the ingredients lists to make sure that things were okay, but sometimes with local items you just can’t be sure, ya know? I think most of it will be fine, though.

I heard back from one of the businesses/professionals that I contacted about an internship, and so I drafted an e-mail back in response. The job would combine two of my favorite things: 1) Dietetics/Nutrition, and 2) Social Media! I’m hoping that things work out, but I wasn’t really expecting to do an internship this summer so I didn’t research very many, but I already have one in mind for next summer! *Fingers crossed* that both this internship and that internship next year work out. And if something even better comes along then all the better!



We did circuits in KIN today. Warrior 3, pike crunches, bicep curls, crossover/side lunges, two-part crunches, mountain climbers, thigh lifts, push-ups, and running. We went through the circuit once doing each move for about 1:20-1:30 and then the second time through for 0:45 each.

After I got home I also did some yoga flows because today is my yoga day. Gotta prevent those running injuries! I probably won’t be using the yoga DVD that I own until this KIN class is over because mine really is a workout DVD and so isn’t actually what I would consider to be yoga, although it uses many of the same poses.


Did you take a language in high school/college? – I took three years of Spanish in high school, but never really took it that seriously and it’s been four years since I’ve spoken any of it.

Do you like to work alone or in groups better? – Alone.


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8 thoughts on “My First Gluten-Free Baking Experience

  1. I work WAY better alone, but I’m doing my best to get better at working in a group because it’s not likely that I’m going to be all by myself in any field I go into with dietetics. 😛

  2. I’d be interested in your modifications – my microwave is 900 watts, I think. I have to watch everything I put in there because it’s always stronger than I think it is. 😛

  3. Gluten free seems too hard/ expensive to me. I fell like I put enough dietary “restrictions” on myself. I hope it makes you feel better!
    I work better alone. I don’t like having to rely on other people. I find that when I do work in groups (like in a lab) I tend to do most of the work.. but usually I am OK with that because it’s done how I like it. 🙂 I don’t like allowing my grades or employment depend on another persons work ethic.
    I took 1 year of Spanish in high school. I was one of the top students, but I transferred schools the following year and their spanish 2 students were much more advanced than I had gotten at my old school. She gave us the Spanish 1 final 1 month into Spanish 2 and said if we didn’t pass we had to go back to Spanish 1. I got a 68! I was angry- but got over it. I’ve never needed the language for anything.

  4. ohh that cupcake looks fantastic…i’d say first gf baking was a major success!
    I took spanish for 6 years throughout middle and high school , but sadly am not one bit fluent

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