Rip It


Only a slight fatality making breakfast this morning. I looked away from the microwave during the last few seconds of one of the steps of my voluminous oats modification and it overflowed a little bit; not too much though, thank goodness. Still plenty to eat.

Mixed with vanilla Sunwarrior and “cake batter” extract and topped with flaxseed meal, granola, blueberries, and Justin’s chocolate almond butter. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really like chocolate nut butters (like Dark Chocolate Dreams from PB & Co… and this stuff). Odd, because before I went vegan I loved Nutella! Oh well, it was only a single-serve packet so no big loss.

I discovered a great combination during one of my snacking adventures today! Banana chips dunked in Sunbutter. So good… I think that bananas are just perfect in every form that they come in.

Dinner was an attempt at once again getting more protein into my diet. In the summer, I think it’s harder for me to get protein because all I want is fruit and smoothies! Yes, I could add protein powder up the wazoo to them, but I think it alters the taste and texture too much for me to enjoy it, so I only add a little.

Spinach, vegan Boca burger, Daiya cheese, cauliflower, red pepper hummus, salsa, and cumin.

I finally got to get around to going to the grocery store, so I have my beloved Pink Ladies once again. Yay for no more mealy apples! They really take away from my love for the apple + peanut butter combination. But only slightly. White Chocolate Wonderful is still my #1.



In KIN today, we got into our (assigned, as in I had no choice) groups to begin work on developing a 2-week fitness program for everyone in the group to perform. I’m the only girl in our group and seem to be the only one with any real fitness goals in mind! Bah! It’s okay though. I think I have more determination and stamina than any of them, or at least two out of the three. My individual goal is to increase the number of push-ups I can do by 5 at the end of a two-week period. We’ll see how I progress in a few weeks!

I have my first test of the semester tomorrow in Spanish. Here’s hoping that I remember everything! I think that any mistakes that I may make will be stupid mistakes, i.e. I didn’t read the question right, I forgot an accent mark, etc…

Tonight I had a phone interview to possibly to a virtual internship this summer. I’m super excited about it! I kept looking at my Google Calendar and watching the line getting closer and closer to 7pm. *squeal*. The call went really well and I’m super jazzed to start on some of the projects that we talked about. I might even get to get some writing experience! I’ll be sure to share with y’all when things get going.

This weekend, since it’s a long weekend, I plan to drive up and visit my boyfriend at his new apartment for the summer. What does this mean for you? Don’t expect any postage and probably minimal other interactive computer activity (Twitter, commenting, etc…). I have no idea what we’re going to be doing, so I don’t know how much I’ll be on a computer for, although we both have homework we should be doing.

You know all of those internet problems that I’ve been having since I moved back home? Well, part of the problem is our internet itself, as in the company we get it through. But I’m starting to think more and more that there’s something loose in my laptop or something because I can have my laptop and my netbook on at the same time and while my laptop gets error messages and won’t load webpages, the netbook will be perfectly fine. Not good. I’ve only had this laptop for a little over 2 years now, and I never really move it from my desk, so I don’t know what could have happened to make this be happening! Debating on whether or not to bring it in to the Geek Squad, but I was really hoping that this lappy would last at least another year before I had to buy another one. *fingers crossed* that it’s an easy fix and won’t come down to that, because Lord knows I’m on my own for that financially speaking. Geek squad, be kind!



For the activity portion of my KIN class we did circuits. I don’t know the names of everything that we did, but it alternated doing a move for 45 seconds and then running or jump-roping for 45 seconds. There were Russian twists, side planks, squat presses, bicycle crunches, something with the word “matrix” in it (we basically punched the air with weights at differet angles), upper cuts with weights, and some tricep work with resistance bands. I really liked it other than the fact that we didn’t have mats so the floor work was a bit uncomfortable. I think that 45 seconds is the perfect length for an intervall; I definitely feel the burn but it doesn’t make me want to die either.

We followed up with some stretching, and now I know how to stretch my IT band! I will definitely be doing these stretches more because man did I feel a stretch. Tight IT band = not good, right?

In another attempt to do what I know that I should do, I nixed my run for today in exchange for a strength workout. I decided to try out my new workout DVD that I got from my boyfriend for my birthday (don’t worry, he doesn’t think I’m out of shape or fat, I asked for it!). Jillian’s Ripped in 30. Like her 30 Day Shred, it utilizes her 3-2-1 workout routine, which is 3 minutes of strength, followed by 2 minutes of cardio, and finishing with 1 minute of abs per circuit. Unlike the 30 Day Shred, this DVD has 4 levels (vs. 3) and you are supposed to do each level for 1 week before progressing to the next one, and the workouts are slightly longer in Ripped than they are in Shred.

I started on Level 1, since I had no idea what to expect outside of my experience with the Shred. I loved it! Level 1 really wasn’t all that hard, but my upper body isn’t quite strong enough yet where I wanted to jump right in at a higher level. Seriously though, I’m so glad for this DVD. The workout was fun (as I think all workouts should be). I can’t wait to do this again and to check out the other 3 levels… eventually.


Don’t forget to enter my Clif/LUNA bar giveaway here! Only a few days left to enter!


Are you as much of a Jillian workout fan as I am?

Do you think that there’s a nut butter out there that will ever overshadow my love for White Chocolate Wonderful? – I doubt it! But I’m willing to take you up on that bet if you recommend one that I can actually obtain. Better yet, send me a jar that you think will make me forget all about WCW.


12 thoughts on “Rip It

  1. I’m not much of a fan of chocolate nut butters either. Well, I take that back. I like them occasionally but a whole jar of it would go neglected in my pantry. I usually just want normal peanut butter with nothing masking its deliciousness! Naturally More Peanut Butter is delicious because it has wheat germ and seedy things in it lol, you should try it!

  2. Now that I have tried WCW.. no. Nothing can beat it.
    I’ve never tried Jillian’s work outs, because I am cheap and only use free videos found online. They sound intriguing, though. She rides motorcycles, so I think we’d get along (in my head. While she’s yelling.)

  3. I just don’t think anything can live up to the beauty that is nutella! I don’t keep it in the house (because, y’know, things get messy when you leave me alone with a tub of it) and I agree, chocolate nut butters just aren’t quite right.

    Good luck getting your internship!! (and with the exam)

  4. great post! i just came across your blog and i’ll be back for sure! i really wanna try some white choc wonderful but i can’t find it anywhere in the uk! i exploded my oatmeal this morning too 🙂

  5. Hi! I found your blog through chelseys. I’m a MI runner too. I’m so intrigued by that nut butter you sent her. I looked on their site, do they sell in stores? I’m in metro Detroit so wasn’t sure if they would by me…also I saw you’re doing solstice, me too! (10 miler). Have a great Friday!

    • Yep, they sell in stores! I found it at my local health food store. It’s a shame that they don’t allow you to search for where they sell it on their website.

      Awesome about the Solstice Run! I know that the course is super tough, so I decided on the 10K over the 10mi. It’d be awesome to see you there next month!

  6. Have you ever tried Chestnut butter? I can´t compared it to White Chocolate Wonderful, but it is pretty good 🙂
    I love Jillian, I have all of her DVD´s. I like No more trouble zones and 6 week 6 pack the most, but Ripped in 30 ain´t bad either:) Once I did all 4 levels in one workout and I was really proud of me afterwards :))

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