Hablo Español


I definitely did not have the time to make a real breakfast this morning, but I did it anyway. I made a batch of voluminous oats. And let me tell you, upping the oat bran from 1/3 to 1/2 c makes all the difference. It really did hardly fit into my bowl! These are actually cafe au lait mugs and if you’ve ever seen them you know that they are not tiny.

Mixed with almond extract, flaxseed meal, and vanilla Sun Warrior and topped with cinnamon, blueberries, Crofter’s Superfruit spread, and almond butter (it kind of sank to the bottom with the spoon).

I had a pear, a nectarine, trail mix, carrots with Sunbutter, and a sandwich while on campus.

Not gonna lie, I opted for snacking all evening over having a proper dinner. But you know what? It happens sometimes!

So, no more pictures for the day, sorree! But expect some stellar photos in my next post. They will involve a special package that I got from Chelsey the other day…



First exam of the semester and it was en la clase de español. I finished fairly quickly and easily, but, of course I’m sure that I missed at least one question or point due to a silly mistake, even though I always go over my exams at least once after I finish them. Should be graded soon because there’s only maybe 18 students in the class. Nothing compared to the 500+ size classes that I attend during the normal school year!

Since the exam went by quickly, I spent the 3 hours in between class and the start of work in the library dinking around on the computer. Okay, I was actually productive and made flashcards for the next Spanish chapter and began brainstorming article/blog post ideas for my internship, but I still have no idea how I wasted 3 hours in there.

Work wasn’t bad at all. I’ve been staying on top of my tasks and completing the little projects that I’ve been given with a fair amount of ease. But it’s a little scary to think that people at the university see my work and the reports that I’ve compiled! I try not to mess up and I don’t think I have no far, so… hurray?

I got a list of very broad ideas that I could work on for my summer internship and I was wondering if you guys had any ideas of things that I could write about? The dietitian I’ll be working for works mostly with diabetes, those who are working on weight management, and those with food sensitivities/intolerances (mostly Celiac/gluten-free patients).

Don’t forget!: I’m not going to be putting a post up both tomorrow and Sunday because I’ll be gone. I should probably make a CD or something to listen to on the way there, because 1.5 hours alone in a quiet car is not okay with me; I will go insane. If only I had one of those devices that lets you play your iPod through your car speakers. But, alas, I do not. Worse comes to worse I could always just stick one of my earbuds in and listen to music “traditionally”. But only one earbud because I need to stay alert and focused on where I’m going (especially since I’ve never been there before).

Hoping to make it there (and back) in one piece! Peace out, girl scout!




Even though I didn’t have a workout scheduled, I did ride my bike to commute to and from campus today. It usually takes me about 15-20 minutes depending on traffic, hills, etc… to get from one place to the other and it comes out to about 5.5 miles roundtrip.

I feel like I hardly did anything this week, but I guess it is really more like I hardly ran this week. My brain still is not equating my KIN class workouts as actual workouts as well, I think. My body is doing things it’s not used to and doing activity but it’s just not registering in my brain. Even yesterday, I did a tough circuit workout during class and then another one when I got home with Jillian. But since I didn’t run like I usually do, it didn’t feel like a “real” workout was ever done.

I guess it will just take some time for me to get used to. I’m hoping that, from here on out, my weekly workouts will consist of 3 days of running, 2 days of strength training, 1 day of yoga, and 1 rest day. I think that this is the ultimate equation for overall strength and fitness and will get me to the level that I would like to be without having to sacrifice anything.


Don’t forget to enter my Clif/LUNA bar giveaway here! The entry period ends soon!


Any ideas on articles I could write for my internship? – I’ve already jotted down a few ideas, but I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Have you read any interesting post/articles recently? – Post the link because I want to read them, too!


6 thoughts on “Hablo Español

  1. I’m not exactly sure what your are looking for, but maybe something on the difference between gluten intolerance and celiac disease. People are so easily confused by that!

  2. For me anything about nutrition is interesting! It might be interesting to read why so many people are affraid of fats, but eat vast amounts of protein thinking they are doing the best for their lives. Or why many people think that buying healthy food is a total bullshit and not worth the money, but they still buy things like alcohol and cigarettes. And I am interested in the “new” ED´s, like overexercising, orthorexia, etc. Also people talk a lot about ED´s in women, but there is still not much heard about ED´s in men and children, and that is a big problem, I think.

  3. I totally feel you on the espanol thing. I just finished up 6 quarters, haha. Glad it’s over. 🙂 I’m sure you’re doing wonderfully in the class! Btw, what kind of articles do you write? I’m a journalism major!

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