I hope that everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Father’s Day weekend! Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads, grandpas, and dads-to-be out there! P.S. The title of today’s post is my dad’s nickname. At least, that’s nickname that all of my great aunts and uncles (his mom’s sisters and brothers) call him when we see them down in ‘bama. My grandpa’s name was William and so was my dad’s, so since they couldn’t call out the same name, my dad got this interesting replacement name somehow…

I myself didn’t get to see my dad on Sunday because 1) my boyfriend was in town and this was the first time I’ve gotten to see him in about a month, and 2) my dad’s girlfriend just had back surgery and so he’s been taking care of her.

Overnight Oats in a Jar (OOIAJ). Old-fashioned oats, soymilk, flaxseed meal, and chia seeds left in a jar overnight. The next morning I added a little more soymilk to loosen things up and a few Ginger Cats on top as well.

My boyfriend and I went and saw the Hangover 2 on Saturday after my long run (7 miles, 58:28, 8:20 pace). It was ridiculously funny, but I left feeling violated. There is a reason, a very good one, that this film is rated R. DO NOT see it with family or you may be in for an awkward time, haha (*Black Swan, cough*).

Afterwards, we went to our favorite (only one in town, really) Thai place for some yummy dinner. Even though I order “mild” spicy every time, I end up getting my sinuses cleared out from the sheer hotness of it. We also walked around downtime a bit because there was a jazz festival going on this weekend… I really don’t care for jazz.

Brown rice pancakes, with peanut butter mixed into the batter as well as crushed blueberries, and topped with Crofter's Superfruit spread (the European blend).

I feel bad because I’ve been passing out pretty early these past few days, and today was no exception. I actually took a nap which I never do unless I’m, like, deathly ill or something. But I did it because I knew that my body needed it and woke up refreshed and no longer falling asleep on my keyboard.

My PMS monster has been raging today. Hot-flashes and eating everything in sight = scary Ellen. Luckily, this usually only lasts a day and my normal class/work week starts tomorrow (only 2 more weeks until the end of this session!). I miss eating on a normal schedule. I still talked myself into eating a GM after Jillian kicked my a$$ during Ripped in 30 (Level 2). Have to get some good nutrients in there in between all of the PMS-driven cravings!


Is there any type of music that you just can’t stand? – I’m not a fan of jazz, or most country.

Are you too much of a wimp to stand “mild” sauces at ethnic restaurants as well? – It burns so good!




17 thoughts on “Buster

    • My runs never SEEM fast when I’m running them, so I’m always surprised when I look at my splits back at home. I try not to look at my Garmin other than to see the distance since I’m more interested in the distance than the speed.

      This was my first time actually adding it INTO the batter rather than as a topping. It gave it a really nice, subtle peanuty-flavor.

  1. I don’t like really twangy country or rap…

    but I DO like the look of all of that food there 😉 Hope you feel better soon love, PMS sucks 😦 (funny how guys always say THEY suffer from pms… pretty sure it’s worse on the other end 😉 )


  2. I like spicy foods when they blend well with everything, but lots of heat is not something I look for when I’m eating a meal. I like a strong bite from things like fresh sliced onion or horseradish.

    And I’m not a fan of (most) country and polka just isn’t for me. I do like jazz, but to each their own. 😉

  3. I still haven’t seen either hangover! I’ve heard they’re hilarious, but I’m just not a movie person. Can’t say I’m a big fan of feeling “violated” either!
    I can handle a lot of spice! At least while I’m eating it.. afterwards my mouth BURNS but it’s so worth it.

  4. I love the meals! I never have overnight oats in jar form. I always do hot oats. I am too afraid that I will miss the meltiness of the nut butter when mixed with hot oats. I will have to give the cold ones a try though!

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