Happy Summer Solstice everyone! Although, you wouldn’t know it was summer by the looks of Michigan’s forecast this week. Rain (supposedly) every day. You all know that I don’t place very much trust in the weatherman, especially in this state, but it’s still not a good feeling to see big storm clouds on your desktop in the morning.

I’ve been reading Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. It reinforces a lot of the things that I learned while reading Thrive. I’m only about 1/3 of the way through, but I seriously love it so far. Her writing style is very in your face and blunt and talks in terms that is more like your best bud than a scientist. I’m loving how it reinforces my choice to be a vegan and provides even more evidence on why we as humans shouldn’t rely on animal products all-day, every-day. She also talks a lot about how the Standard American Diet (SAD, appropriately) is, essentially, killing us and all those in other countries who start to adopt the SAD style of eating.

Mint Green Monster. Banana, spinach, hemp milk; topped with flaxseed meal, chia seeds, buckwheat groats and banana chips

I’ve been switching up my breakfasts and have decided to start having my Green Monsters in the morning instead of in the evenings during the week. So far so good. I think it has actually helped a little bit with the nausea I’ve been having lately after eating breakfast.

That being said, I had this almost-empty jar of nut butter. And you KNOW that you have to use that somehow! Since breakfast was pretty much not an option, I pulled a brinner (breakfast for dinner) and had OIAJ for dinner. Awesome! I truly do love breakfast foods best and think that I should be allowed to eat them regardless of what time of day it is. Agreed?

Oat (bran) In A Jar (OIAJ); oat bran in an almost-empty TJ's crunchy natural peanut butter with cinnamon, blueberries, and Crofter's Superfruit

My group did a killer circuit workout today in my Kinesiology class. My arms and shoulders were burning during this baby:

Shoulder Matrix (standing) – 1 minute
Russian Twist – 1 minute
Bicep Uppercuts – 1 minute
Plank Scoops – 30 sec each side
Squat and Press – 1 minute
Bicycle Crunches – 1 minute
Tricep Extension – 30 sec each side
**Run for 30 seconds between each move. Repeat 1-2 times.

Try this circuit and I promise that you’ll be getting a great strength workout. I also ran 4 miles when I got home for the day. It was incredibly humid and my legs were a bit tired from going to Vinyasa Flow yoga yesterday afternoon (it was a GREAT class though!) that I took at the same yoga studio as a few weeks ago and even with the same instructor! But by now I know that my mind is so much stronger than my body and I was able to mentally kick my own butt to finish strong. Negative splits all the way, baby! I can’t believe that I have a 10K race this Saturday. I’m doing a race instead of a normal long-run this weekend and it really just still hasn’t sunk in. I’m aiming to finish since I hear that the course is incredibly tough (hills from Hades) and so won’t be posting a goal time, even though I have one in my head.

Maple Green Monster. Banana, spinach, hemp milk; topped with raisins, buckwheat groats, flaxseed meal, chia seeds, and Grape-Nut flakes

After class was out for the day, I ran out to the natural foods store to pick up some tea that supposedly helps with digestion, buckwheat groats from the bulk bins, and to scope out their non-dairy milk selection since it’s so much larger than my grocery store’s. I decided to try out SUNFLOWER SEED milk, which I nor the girls who rang up my order had ever seen before. I wasn’t a huge fan of the hemp milk I got for when I eat granola, so hopefully this will be better over cereal. I’m still using my hemp milk in my GMs, however, since I can’t really taste it when it’s mixed in with all those other flavors. I’ll let you know how the sunflower milk tastes when I open it up!

See you all tomorrow for WIAW! I have some big(ish) news to share. Well, okay, not really. But it’s big for me and I’m excited, haha.


What is your favorite meal of the day? – Breakfast, durh!

Have you ever tried/seen/made sunflower seed milk? – This was my first time even hearing of it!


7 thoughts on “Solstice

  1. Yum, sunflower seed milk??? I LOVE hemp milk! Have you ever tried flax milk? They have it at walmart. It’s rpretty good.

    Breakfast for dinner is my favorite. Nothing wrong with that!

  2. Fave meal of the day is either breakfast or lunch! Love both of them….but I am not a big fan of dinner foods!

    I’ve seen sunflower seed milk at the store but I haven’t tried it yet! Can’t wait to hear your opinion on it!

  3. Breakfast is the best, breaking the fast is the best thing you can do 🙂
    I have never heard of sunflower seed milk, but I love sunflower sees, so it might be good 🙂

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