When It Comes I Wanna Wail…

Meeting with my counselor went well. She helped lessen a lot of the fears I’ve been having throughout this whole recovery process. For once it didn’t seem like she was attacking me and she was actually really proud of the progress I’ve made in the almost 3 months since I last met with her.

Took a Spanish exam today. I’m not overly-confident in my essay-portion of the test, but I feel pretty good about the rest of it so I think it’ll turn out okay. Only one more week until my finals for this session! I can’t wait, I’m ready for another change. I know, it’s only been 6 (soon to be 7) weeks, but going to these same classes 4 and 5 times a week makes them get old very fast.

Peach Green Monster. Banana, peach slices, spinach, Sunwarrior, and hemp milk; topped with flaxseed meal, chia seeds, granola, banana chips, raisins, and buckwheat groats

I had a lot of time after my exam and before my appointment with my counselor, so I decided to do my run on campus rather than wait until later after work. 4 miles (33:16) along the river. This is my last run before my 10K race this Saturday. I’m starting to get a few of the pre-race jitters. This is really just another training run for me, but I still want to do well!

Work was pretty killer, or at least it felt like it was. I have a lot to do and it’s just hard when my boss is on the other side of the country right now, but, she should be back in 2 weeks and then I think a good bit of my stress will be gone, thankfully. I have people asking me questions about things that I have no idea about, but I’m doing the best I can.

foodie blog swap

When I got home, I was pleased to see a package hanging on my doorknob! I wonder who it could be from…

Jemma from Celery and Cupcakes organized a UK/US blogger exchange and, even though I’m pretty much exchange-d out with all of the swaps that I did this past month, I wanted to join in. I mean, it’s the UK people! I don’t even live in that country! Haha, anyway, I got matched up with the loverly Nicky at Kabocha Fashion. Look at all my wonderful UK goodies!

UK goodies: Weetabix, mini pots of jams, granola, nut/seed mix, raisins, energy ball, chocolate, recovery drink mixes

And just look at her awesome handwriting skills. Mine are still just above a man’s unless I really really focus, then it’s only just passable as a girl’s handwriting.

This arrived at the perfect time because I’ve been worrying about what I was going to bring for my race this weekend. Apparently, I have to run errands with my aunt and mom right after my race and I don’t get to eat until several hours later when my cousin gets off of work. Thank goodness for those recovery drink mixes! I’ll be trying one out in a couple of days.

I was pretty hungry when I got home today, I did do my run before I got home after all, which I don’t normally do. However, nothing really sounded good to me. Nothing, that is, except for GRANOLA! I don’t think that I will ever get sick of this combo.

Granola/cereal mix topped with Crofter's Superfruit spread and almond buttah in almond milk

Things that I’m packing for my race tomorrow:

– Race outfit: shorts, NMA shirt, Garmin, running shoes, socks, sports bras, hair ties and headbands.
– Personal care products: toothbrush, hairbrush, medications, etc.
– FOOD: Overnight oats, fruit, nut butter, spaghetti with tofu sauce, recovery drink mix (from above), sports drink mix + Fuelbelt (for during the race itself).

I’m really nervous about being so far away from home to prepare and then to recover after the race. I won’t be sleeping in my own bed and if I forgot anything or start feeling crappy then I’m S.O.L. I’m just hoping that none of my foods make me sick between now and after my race.

Strawberry-Banana Green Monster. Topped with granola, flaxseed, chia seeds, raisins, and buckwheat groats.

I’ll write up a race-recap post either Saturday night or Sunday. Hopefully I can get my mom to actually take some pictures. She complains all the time about not being able to see when taking pictures, but you really don’t need to be able to see. The camera has autofocus. I get really frustrated sometimes that she doesn’t document my life when I can’t, like all through high school and all the events and groups that I participated in. I can’t take a picture of myself on stage, it’s up to her to do that. Since she didn’t I really don’t have any pictures documenting my last, oh, 17 or so years of life. It really does sadden me…


What is your favorite recovery meal? – I usually roll with a green monster for long runs and dates or fresh fruit for the shorter ones and strength workouts.

And, yes, this post’s title IS from Blues Clues… Don’t judge. I freaking LOVE getting mail!


15 thoughts on “When It Comes I Wanna Wail…

  1. Haha my handwriting is like a man’s too. I’m pretty much the only one who can read it.

    Good luck with the race! You seem really prepared, so I’m sure you’re going to do just fine. Favorite recovery meal: a smoothie, usually with protein powder.

  2. Haha…I thought I heard this post title somewhere before. Gotta love Blue’s Clues! 😛
    I love doing blog swaps. I wish I had known about the UK one. Looks like you got some amazing goods from Nicky. Those little jars of jam are too cute! 🙂

  3. Aw I’m so glad that everything is okay for you! I hate my handwriting though haha!!
    Good luck for your race – I hope those mixes help your recovery 🙂
    I am totally lovin’ the white chocolate wonderful PB by the way!!

  4. Good luck in your race! I can’t wait to read the recap and hopefully see some pictures. My sister loves taking pictures (probably because she doesn’t have her own camera) so i can always count on her. I hope your mon takes some good ones for you. Race pictures are so fun to have!

  5. good luck at your 10k! i really want to run one but cant find any in my area 😦 how long have you been studying spanish? i just started blogging and am trying to write short, essay spanish entries every day (except yesterday haha)

  6. I’m a big fan of fruits/veggies after my workouts–quick energy! Obviously that’s not all I have, haha 😉 I love chicken, too. Greek yogurt is always great 😀

  7. Hi,

    I read a bit ago that you struggle with being full of gas buildup. ME TOO. I pop Gas-x like crazy and it does nothing to help me out. R you finding any relief?
    Do you always have a smoothie for breakfast? And do you ever put oats and nut butter in the smoothie?
    Also, its odd for me to ask this…but your an RD student…but also have ED issues So, If I had questions about my situation (underweight, not exercising at all…questioning my eats, etc) wouldyou have input…or would that trigger or bother you? You can email me if you’d like. No problem though…I understand if u don’t want to talk.

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