Card – E – YO!

In case you missed it: Read about my 10K race this past weekend. It was awesome! Note: I looked at my race pictures today and I obviously still need to work on finding the photographer because it was 100% clear that I didn’t know where he was. I was looking in the opposite direction in every picture and look in pain and am at very odd angles. NOT GOOD. So, I’ll just save that photo in the deep recesses of my hard drive where you will never find it, mwahaha! Though I am glad that you can clearly see my NMA shirt. Veg on fellow veg*n runners! Represent!

Sunday = pancakes! I followed Katie’s recipe for fat blueberry pancakes, but I didn’t really like the way that they turned out so I think that I’ll go back to my other recipe next time. Oh well at least I tried it! Drench anything in syrup and all faults are hidden.

Blueberry GF Pancakes with Crofter's Superfruit spread on top and, of course, syrup.

I also had a go at Level 3 of Jillian’s Ripped in 30 DVD. This was pretty hardcore and a lot of the moves were kind of awkward-feeling, like, “Why is my body in this position?!”, but, 30 minutes flew by and that’s always a sign of a good workout. Lots of focus on the shoulders and triceps in this level. Plus duck walks, bear crawls, staggered rows, straight-leg squat thrusts, reverse flies in stork stance, and pike push-ups (<– loved!)

Recovery Green Monster. I honestly can't remember what went in there, but I think I threw in a little of everything I have on hand.

Honestly, I have no idea what I did the rest of the day. I feel like I didn’t really do anything because I was still pretty tired from Friday and Saturday. I went to bed at 9pm and was out by 10pm. I knew that it was time to fall asleep when I started to hallucinate the sentences that I was reading (I just started in on The Hunger Games, I’m loving it!). Like, my brain was actually inserting sentences that weren’t in the book and it was incredibly confusing.

Today marked the beginning of the seventh and final week of this round of summer classes, meaning that I have finals this Thursday.

Of course, I started the week off with a Green Monster…

Green Monster. Banana, spinach, peaches, sunflower milk; topped with buckwheat, raisins, flax, chia, and a little granola.

Instead of our usual workouts for KIN (the 2-week workout program assignment just ended, thankfully), we joined another class that meets at the same time for yoga. But not just any yoga, CARDIO yoga. Yeah, I had never heard of it either. It was super fast and challenging. No lie, after my race my legs were about ready to rip themselves off and run away from me for putting them through such torture. Plus, we had to do a lot of super-awkward partner exercises. I, with my incredible luck and alliance with the universes, ended up with a 7-foot-tall (he might as well have been!) GUY who was essentially forced to look up my shorts, push me around, and rub butts with. Like I said: awkward.

Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling pretty crummy physically since the moment I woke up. No pain, thankfully, but I’ve been light-headed and a little nauseous all day with quite a bit of difficulty getting my eyes to focus. Food and/or water doesn’t help nor does it matter if I sit or lie down. I have no idea what’s going on but I’m really hoping that it passes soon.

Nothing special planned for this evening. Going to watch Secret Life of the American Teenager (one of my many guilty pleasure TV shows) and edit a paper that I wrote for my Spanish class as well as fill out an evaluation for a presentation I gave this morning about Performance Enhancers (steroids, amphetamines, etc…). Exciting, right? Although I am planning to go away this weekend for the 4th.

See you all in a few days for WIAW! I just KNOW that you’re all going to join in the party.


What is your guilty pleasure? – Secret Life and 16 & Pregnant for sure.

Have you ever done/heard of Cardio Yoga? – I have now!


9 thoughts on “Card – E – YO!

  1. Good luck on finals! Finishing a term is one of the best feelings.
    My guilty pleasure is the bachelorette. Every time I watch it I think, “These people are so ridiculous, why are they doing this to themselves, bla bla bla,” but I just can’t stop.

  2. Cardio yoga sounds like something I’d LOVE! Gotta see if thats offered anywhere around me! Good luck on finals…..I can’t believe school is still going on for you!!!

  3. I’ve heard of cardio yoga, but I’ve never tried it! My trainer recommended the P90x yoga because she said it was ridiculously hard. I still haven’t had the chance to try it though! I also love Jillian’s DVD’s, though I’ve never tried ripped in 30. I’ll keep my eye out for it.

  4. Awkward partner yoga?! Bahaha. That must have been AWFUL!!!

    I’ve done some cardio yoga, and I love quicker paced yoga (but with a mixture of slow, too!)

  5. Good luck with the finals!! I hate that duck walk at level 3 of the Ripped DVD – my legs don´t seem to cooperate 🙂
    I did cardio yoga two or three times and it was kind of fun, much more challenging than the regular type.

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