June In Review

June Highlights

Peach-Blueberry Green Monster: banana, spinach, blueberries, peach slices, almond milk; topped with flax, chia, raisins, and sunbutter.

June was a really big month for me! Look at all that happened:

– What I Ate Wednesday participation up the wazoo: here, here, here, here, and here

– I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time (and the second!): one and two

– I ran in my first 10K race, and placed! recap

– Aced my first round of summer courses

Guest post for Moves ‘N Munchies

– Gained weight (and a lot of muscle!)

– Blog swaps: UK Foodie

– Got 2 articles published: One for my internship and one for Fitblogger

– Did my longest run to date (10 miles!)


JUNE Goals in Review:

–  Complete my 10K race in under 60:00 Completed!
– Work on intuitive eating … still working on it, but I think that it’s getting better
– Continue to not count calories/measure food …Completed!
– Ace my classes this semester …ACED!
– Incorporate more cross training into my training schedule …Check! You can see my workouts by clicking the Training tab


JULY Goals:

– Continue to work on intuitive eating
– Have a 11-mile training run
– Shift to working out in the morning (when I don’t have class)
– Save more than I spend (this will be tricky because I have to pay off my FNCE plane ticket and registration)
– Get together with friends more (I don’t think that I hung out with anyone except once with my future roommate this past month and that is SAD)


Did you meet your June goals?

What is one of your goals for July?


13 thoughts on “June In Review

  1. Looks like you achieved a lot this June 🙂

    Loved your post over at Moves and Munchies. I have a quick question about the green monsters (wasn’t sure whether to post here or there, I hope it’s okay!): do you have them for more than one meal (i.e for breakfast and dinner?) I often do that! And have you ever posted a recipe/ratios for your GMs? I can never get the texture of mine right so I end up adding more and more things so they always end up enormous 😉


    • I try not to make them more than once a day because I know that a varied diet is more healthful, but I would totally have them for every meal if I had the choice!

      I don’t really measure for them, I just throw a bunch of stuff in a blender. 1-2 handfuls of spinach, 1 frozen banana. 1 c nondairy milk, and 1 or 1.5t xantham gum make the base. I add more xanthan if it’s too thin and more water or milk if it’s too thick but I really like the 1 c liquid to about 1.25t xanthan gum combo.

  2. I met most of them, all though I would have like to exercise a bit more. My goals for July have a long list. Completing two book reviews, running training (I am new to running.), and getting into the Blogging community. (: Congrats on meeting the goals that you did.

  3. Congrats on an awesome June!!! June was definitely a downer month for me, but the pendulum’s gotta swing back. Hopefully that means good stuff for the future!
    I already wrote up my goals post, but I think I’m going to add intuitive eating and scaling down on calorie counting and measuring. I managed to do this for a while, and I don’t know when but it creeped back into my life. It was so liberating to go without it! Thanks for the reminder, I know you’re rocking it.

  4. You did awesome! You can do 11 miles no problem. I sometimes use this trick for long runs where, say I have run 10 miles recently and am running 12 that day, I do the “new miles” first, and after those 2 are done, it’s “Something I’ve done before- no problem.” It works for me!

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