WIAW… Break’s Over

WIAW party time! You know you want to join the link-up party.

Strawberry Banana Green Monster; topped with strawberry-banana puffs, raisins, and buckwheat.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was the first day of my second session of summer courses. I’ll be taking Introductory Psychology and Management Skills for the next 7 weeks. I’ve already had to take quizzes and read 3 chapters from my textbooks! No rest for the wicked I guess.

I also just received in the mail one of the books that the RD that I’m interning for wrote so that I can read it and get to know a bit more about what she does. Is it nerdy how excited I am to read about diabetes? haha.

There’s actually quite a bit of overlap so far in my classes, which I always think is so cool when you can use your knowledge from other courses  in other disciplines.

Apple, Raisin, and Walnut oatmeal with a chopped-up nectarine thrown in.

So far so good. I definitely think that I’m going to enjoy my Psychology class better than my Management course. It doesn’t hurt that it’s online rather than 3 hours of straight lecture with no computers allowed! Gag me. I don’t usually bring a laptop to class anyway, but I still don’t like it when professors forbid it. This is college; we’re adults. If we don’t pay attention then that’s our own fault. I for one am not distracted when other kids in class are on their computers because it’s just so common to have at least one kid typing away no matter where I am on or near campus. white noise.

Wednesday = Zumba tonight with mi madre. WELL, USUALLY. It didn’t meet this week because of the holiday. I like the class okay, but I just get bored doing essentially the same songs and steps every week. I know, this coming from the girl who owns workout DVDs which by definition can’t ever change, but there you have it. Of course I’m going to stick it out for the rest of the season, but I probably won’t be signing up for another class given the chance any time soon. Since I didn’t have Zumba, I opted for strength training at home instead. HELLO Jillian!

Blueberry Green Monster topped with raisins, puffs, and peanut butter.

I also get to hang out with an old friend of mine later tonight. We’ve fallen apart a lot over the past 2.5 years and I’ve tried to reconnect so many times, and I’m still trying. I still don’t understand why most everyone I knew dropped me after the last day of high school, and I’m not getting any answers. But, keep trying I do. For someone like me who really doesn’t have many friends I have to try to reach out and get back the ones that I used to have, right?


How do you know that a friendship is over and to just give up on it? – I apparently don’t know, and no one will ever come right out and say “I don’t like you, stop contacting me, we’re never going to hang out and I don’t want to be friends with you.”

Should computers be allowed in college classes?


12 thoughts on “WIAW… Break’s Over

  1. Computers should DEFINITELY be allowed in college classes! Hello people…lets get into the 21rst century!

    And about the friend situation…maybe try making new friends instead of relying on past acquaintances who abandoned you. Maybe some people in your college classes would be up for hanging out?

  2. I’m for having laptops in classes, but if a professor dislikes their use I’ll respect their view on the matter and just roll with it. It could be a large distraction / irritant for them and may affect how they teach, which, in turn, would affect how everyone else learns.

    The friendship thing is a tough one. It’s really hard to stay friends with people who don’t want to be friends anymore, and the other way around as well. I tend to keep talking to / inviting over those I want to keep close with and kind of ignoring the others. Maybe just invite them to some little coffee shop and ask them about it, be straight-forward and honest and all that, you know? I know it would be a little awkward, but it could clear up some confusion. 😉

  3. Hi Lady! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now, but I believe this is the first time I have commented. But I love your blog, can relate to so much of what you say, and I just wanted to let you know 😀

    I say yes to having computers in college classes! They help with taking notes, and I think we should be mature enough not to go on the Internet and distract ourselves during the class.

    About the friend situation, first of all I can relate… I have very few friends, and they also seemed to drop me like a sack of potatoes after high school. I prefer being alone which doesn’t really prompt me to go out of my way to make new friends, but we all need them. If they seem really uninterested, I would no longer pursue it, you deserve to be with people that want to be with you too 🙂

  4. I think by the time someone is in college, they should be able to decide for themselves if they wanna bring a computer or not. I mean, come on. If someone doesn’t pay attention, that’s they’re own fault. For some people, it helps them take notes.

  5. I keep falling off my workout class bandwagon b/c the instructors will play the same CD all month if not longer and do the same moves over and over… I get sooooo bored with the same songs! ack! I hear your pain girl! hope zumba gets mixed up for ya!

    Happy WIAW!!!!!! ❤ Hope you're having a fantastic week!

  6. I love reading about diabetes and everything else that comes with the course. It’s good to enjoy reading about it – ihows passion. I don’t think they should be banned, but I’ve never seen anyone in a lecture use a computer anyway. I’d get even more distracted!

  7. I also dislike when professor’s strictly forbid you from using a laptop. Not so much because I do it (I don’t.. I would get distracted) but because WE pay THEM to teach US. Many students prefer to take notes via computer, and professor’s who don’t allow laptops cut those students from using the style that works best for them. I can understand that students spending class time on facebook or other such things is an annoyance, but if that’s the case.. call those students out when you see them doing it. (You as in the professor.)
    It’s like when you get graded on showing up to lecture. For some people, lecture is not a good way for them to learn. Or a particular professor’s lecturing style is not good for them- and they learn better out of the book. But they get punished for not showing up to something they pay for- I think it is ridiculous!

  8. Computers should absolutely be allowed in university classes. Computers should be allowed in every classroom in fourth grade and above (I still believe that little ones need more time with blocks and paper, and less with screens). As for friends…I’m not sure what to say. I move a lot and I’m not always very good at keeping friends. Makes me a bit sad sometimes!

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