Double the Digits, Double the Fun

Thanks for the support on my last post everyone. While I appreciate all of your kind words, my self-esteem has still taken a major hit and I’m not bouncing back from it well. My runs are no longer making me feel like the strong woman that I am; all I hear are those comments playing over and over again in my head. While I’m going to continue training for my half, while lack-lusterly, you will probably notice my presence being a lot less in the blog world and on Twitter. This one is going to take awhile. I’m really hoping that seeing the boyfrand next weekend will speed the process along, but of course that is not a promise.

Green Monster with strawberries and blueberries; topped with Kashi GoLean, buckwheat, and raisins.

My life has become dangerously monotonous since classes started up again. When I’m not at work, in class, or working out/running, I pretty much spend all of my time reading for my classes. Not a very exciting life. My day-to-day activities really don’t vary all that much, or not nearly as much as I wish that they would. I go through this phase a lot, of just being bored with my life. It’s how I know that I need to do something different, like go away for the weekend or meet up with a friend.

OOIAJ; Overnight Oats in a Jar; mixed with chia seeds and Sunwarrior; topped with cinnamon and blueberries in the morning.

I’m working on getting together with an old guy friend of mine, but since he’s pretty flaky and non-committal I’m not counting on that getting me out of my current funk. Luckily, my mom has some stuff lined up for us to do this weekend. Nothing too extravagant or anything, but it will at least get me out of the house for a few hours.

Only my second time running in the double digits and over a month since my last run that was this long.

Tomorrow (Saturday), we’re going to try and get me some new running shoes. I’ve had my current pair for almost a year now and I know that I’ve gotten at least 300 miles out of these babies in between running and walking around in them. Also, I want to give myself plenty of time to break them in appropriately for my half. Only 65 days away! Then on Sunday my mom, the Harry Potter fanatic of the family, has reserved us tickets to go an see HP7:2. Thankfully, it won’t be in 3-D. It gives me a headache and I don’t think that it really enhances the movie-viewing experience all that much to justify the price.

Green Monster with Double Fudge Crunch Spiru-Tein; topped with Bob's Red Mill muesli (<--new love!), flax, cacao nibs, and a little drizzle of chocolate syrup.

Since yesterday (Thursday) I felt pretty wiped out from participating in graduate research for the university’s Kinesiology department ($20 for doing simple exercises for 2 hours? Sure!) I did not end up going for a run or doing a DVD workout or anything. So, since I have the option now to do my long runs on Friday or Saturday, I chose to do my long run today. It was okay. Nothing too stellar. It started very slow and I actually had to turn around a come back home to use the bathroom once since my stomach was acting wonky. It didn’t help at all so I just kept telling myself that I would just have to feel a little cruddy since it obviously wasn’t going to get better. Also, my left knee and left hip flexor were acting up near the end, but I pushed through since it wasn’t all that painful. They’re still a little sore now, but, again, not in pain.

Now I’m off to finish my Management homework and hopefully get up the motivation to start studying for the exam Monday. Haha, one of the units is actually on Motivational Theories. Too bad they don’t seem to be helping me here!


Are you as sick of the 3D fad as I am? — It seems like every movie and its brother has been coming out in 3D for the past year. I just can’t stand it. 3D used to be something special. Now it’s just overdone and used unnecessarily.


7 thoughts on “Double the Digits, Double the Fun

  1. I HATE 3-d movies. First of all, I have a small head and the glasses don’t fit me for crap. they give me a headache too. I find it unnecessary, after a while you just get used to it and it doesn’t even look cool anymore. And the price, is ridiculously high. Glad someone finally agrees with me 😛

    Nice run girl! That is SO far 😀

  2. I am not a fan of 3D AT ALL! Its so distracting and pretty much just gives me a headache. I don’t think it adds anything to the movie.

  3. They play Harry Potter only in 3-D in the cinemas around my country 😦 I hate it, because I don´t enjoy it at all, I feel like it is all about the effects and the story is not important anymore!

  4. I am also sick of 3-d. The extra effects aren’t that stellar, and the ticket price is outrageous. Even regular tickets are ridiculous! And the snack stand? don’t get me started! My dad got a “small” free soda as part of his rewards program when we went to see Harry Potter tonight, and it was like an extra large! Their “extra large” sizes don’t even fit in the cupholder! crazy.

    I’d much rather curl up on my couch and watch a DVD from the comfort of my home 😉

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