WIA…Over the Past Few Days

I haven’t posted in a few days, since I knew that I would be writing a post for WIAW and the first half of the week (Monday through Wednesday) is the busiest part of my week nowadays, so prepare for picture overload!

GM with Puffins, granola, chia seeds, and raisins.

I’m currently reading the last book in the Hunger Games series. I seriously love these books! So sad that I’m almost done, but I’m pretty excited that they’re filming the movie right now!

Blueberry Pancakes.

I’ve already taken 2 exams in my classes and have another one to do later today. 😛 Not very exciting stuff, but classes are over in, literally, less than a month already, and that’s pretty darn awesome. Don’t cha think?

GM with homemade granola, millet puffs, strawberry-banana puffs, and raisins.

Pretty much the most exciting thing to have happened to me since I last posted was that I finally broke down and bought my own yoga mat (no more paying the rental fee at the yoga studio!) and got a new pair of running shoes. I stuck with the Books line, since I loved my last pair so much. I ended up with a pair of purple Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11‘s. I love them already! My old pair were the GTS 10’s. Better yet, since there was the annual Sidewalk Sale going on, I got them for 25% off!

Quinoa, salsa, nooch, edamame, and Santa Fe mixed veggies.

If you follow me on DailyMile, you probably know that I’ve been experiencing some knee problems. As soon as I started running with these shoes the knee pain has gone away. I guess it really was time to get a new pair. The salesperson who helped me pick out my shoes said that that is common for when your shoes finally go. Anyways, I’m just glad that it’s not an injury!

Oatmeal in a melon bowl.

Weather has been cah-ray-zee lately! There’s a heat wave going on and Michigan is seeing RealFeel temperatures of mid- to upper-90s and I wouldn’t be surprised if it reaches 100+ tomorrow (Thursday). And not just hot, but humid too. Ugh. Heat is one thing, mugginess is another. We’ve had the most random storms lately. I’m talking pouring for 2 minutes and then disappearing. Then lightning. Then pouring for a few seconds. Etc… etc…

GM blended with oats and topped with homemade granola and flax.

Right now I’m just looking forward to the weekend. I get to see the boyfriend after almost 3 weeks apart and for the last time before he moves back down here for school. I’m super excited, not just because he’s coming to stay for a few days (that goes without saying), but also because we may get to go to the nature center that we frequented last summer while I was taking an Ecology class online and we get to par-tay down. One of his friends spent the last 6 months or so in Australia and he’s finally back, so there’s a shindig getting thrown, as if you need a reason to get wild.

Gluten-free waffle with apricot preserves, peanut butter, and maple syrup.

Mom and I saw Harry Potter on Sunday. The theater was sold out, and we had an annoying little boy behind us and we were sitting in the front rows (hello, nausea), but OMG it was so good and worth it! Yes, I made fun of my mother for wearing her (used to be my before I outgrew it, did I mention I’m 6 inches taller than my mother?) “Mischief Managed” shirt to the showing, but I will admit that I cried. No bawling, though I probably will when I get the movie on DVD, but I definitely shed some tears more than once… or twice… or three times… I actually lost count.

GM with Sunwarrior and topped with homemade granola and raisins.

Anyways, the boyfrand has been veggie for an entire week now! I’m so proud of him. Well, I’m off for yet another very busy day. Management class, work, then Zumba, and back home to take a Psychology exam online. All under another scorching sun. Stay hydrated everyone!


10 thoughts on “WIA…Over the Past Few Days

  1. Good luck with your exams!!! All those green monsters certainly look refreshing! Its HOT! So smoothies are my go to foods right now too!

  2. Your GM always look amaaaazing!!! And those blueberry pancakes look bangin! I’m going to see HArry Potter tomorrow and im so excited…I think I will be so sad when its over though…its like the ending of a childhood tradition for me 😦

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