1 + 1

1 + 1 = TWO ELEVEN

That’s right, y’all! I did my longest run to date this morning. 11 glorious, sweaty, uncomfortable miles. Thank goodness the Midwest heatwave has finally broken and we’re finally experiencing semi-normal temperatures and weather conditions (Upper 70s and cloudy) that don’t make you feel like dying just because there’s a good chance that Hell is actually colder than it is outside.

11-mile long run splits. New PDR!

It started off pretty slow, and didn’t seem to pick up much until maybe around mile 7. The thing I’ve noticed while running is this: Before my run and during the first half of my run, I do not enjoy running. I feel slow and stiff and unmotivated looking at the lofty goal that I have set for myself. However, once I hit that halfway mark, something switches in my life “Yeah, I can do this. I’ve come this far, there’s nothing keeping me from finishing what I started now.” It’s just easier to push myself once I’ve already done half of my workout (this also applies to any instance in which I’m working out).

Pre-run fuel:

Overnight Oats in a Jar with SunWarrior, chia seeds, and blueberries in a waning peanut butter jar.

After I stretched, I had a protein-packed Green Monster. I buy single-serve Spirutein packets for the days that I do my long runs on to get in a good amount of protein and decent flavoring which I don’t feel like I can achieve on my own without a mix. I’ve been really digging on the Black Cherry Chocolate lately, but I’ve been trying to buy a new (to me) packet every time I stock up as well. This was followed up with a much deserved (and needed) shower. My hair is getting a bit out of control, but I’m still going to hold off until next month since I don’t want to have to go in for another cut until Winter Break in January or December.

Black Cherry Chocolate GM; with Spirutein topped with Kashi GoLean, chocolate drizzle, buckwheat, raisins, and chia seeds.

I’ve been spending the day finishing up my readings for Psychology that were supposed to be completed today as well as my readings for Management for Monday. Now I’m off to clean up the house/my room a bit for when the boyfrand comes down later today after he gets off of work. I have a lot of errands that I need to run before my mom leaves me to spend a week with my sister in North Carolina (and is taking the only car I have access to with her), but since she’s at work I can’t get any of that crossed off my list while I have plenty of time to do it.

But, I’m still really excited to see him and get to spend a few days together before we both move at the end of August (him back into his old local apartment, and me into my new apartment). We have a few plans in the works and hopefully the weather will allow us to do it all!

I’m still struggling with not doing something every moment when we spend time together. I always feel bad that we just kind of sit around most of the time and watch TV or play around on our respective computers or study. But, I know that that’s not what real relationships are about. You don’t have to be doing something or have something planned for every moment. There are many times where you both do very routine and “boring” things because that’s just a part of life. And when you live with someone and share a life with another person, there will be downtime. Lots of it. I’ve only recently really given this a lot of thought and am becoming more okay with it. Becoming more comfortable to just “be” and not have to be moving all the time when it’s not just me around.

Hope that that last paragraph made sense to you guys. See you all sometime next week! Hopefully I’ll be posting before the next WIAW, but who knows if that’s what will actually end up happening.


Would anyone be interested in writing a guest post for UCE? — just shoot me an e-mail at ucrunnereats @ hotmail.com (without the spaces, of course).

Do you find that you feel better near the end/after your workouts than at the beginning/before?

Do you feel like you always have to be doing something or have something planned when you have people over?


15 thoughts on “1 + 1

  1. You go girl! Congratulations on your longest run to date. You are so strong.

    (11 is my favorite number, too! yay!)

    I agree that relationships are about spending quality time together, even if that means watching tv and laughing together 🙂
    I’ll send you an email soon!

  2. Great job on that run! You’re so damn fast.
    I felt the same way a few months into my relationship. It felt weird to go see my BF just to get on my lap top and work while he browsed the web on his or worked on his bike. But being together is what counts! Now we live together and there is lots and lots of time where that is what we do.

    • It’s so weird. All my other relationships never made it past the 3-month mark and so I’m experiencing all of this long-term relationship stuff for the first time (closing in on 1 year 3 months).
      Guess I’ll just need to learn to get used to it!

  3. Congrats! I know that proud feeling, and it sure is great!

    As far as getting faster later on, YES. I am the exact same – I’ll feel invincible after 14 miles, and want to keep going (for some reason, I don’t get tired running long distances… very strange), but shorter runs make me more fatigued. And I’m not running harder on shorter distances – I probably go faster when I run farther, which makes no sense! Oh well, I’ll take it. As a rule, I run a minimum of 10k, but I prefer 14+ miles because I have time to get into my groove.

  4. Yeah! Congratulations on cracking out such a good run. I definitely agree that runs get easier once you reach the halfway mark; I often find that this is true irregardless of the length of the run. If I’m doing a 5k, the first mile and a half are a struggle but then the last 1.5 are a breeze, if I’m doing a 5 miler then 2.5 miles are tough, 2.5 are easy peasy!

  5. Awesome job on your 11 miler!! I always feel really good right after my run, if it is a long run the fatigue usually comes a little later and it so hard for me to get up and be productive.

  6. Hey! I gotta say, congrats on your run. 11 miles is crazy – I can barely do 3! Did you stop at all? And I definitely feel better after being done/ almost being done with my run. I feel accomplished and strong – must be the runner’s high! 🙂

    • I don’t so much stop as wait for cars and traffic lights so that I can cross the street, and I did have to refill my water bottle once, but all of these things only take a few seconds and the Garmin has autopause so that it doesn’t mess up your runs.

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