Guest Post: The Beauty Notebooks

Hi, everyone! My name is Amanda, and I blog at “The Beauty Notebooks.” My mission for the blog is to debunk the current standards of beauty, as well as give you insight into my life and passions. Below, you can read my “Philosophy.” Please feel free to answer any of the questions that I ask in the comments section! Thanks for reading. ❤


What is your definition of beauty?

Beauty has nothing to do with waist size, breast size, or pant size. It has nothing to do with how much product you put in your hair or how much lipstick you apply. It has nothing to do with the latest trends.

For a moment, don’t even think about your body. Think inward. Beauty has a lot to do with how you view yourself, as well as how you present yourself to others. Confidence exudes beauty, as does self-love.

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” ~Sophia Loren

See what I mean?

Here is an excerpt from Wendy Shalit’s 1998 book A Return To Modesty that I whole-heartedly believe:

“[One] amazing thing about my grandma is that she is always beautiful. I don’t mean subjective beauty, as in, she-is-always-beautiful-because-she’s-my-grandmother, but objectively beautiful. If you weren’t related to her, I can guarantee that you would be jealous of her. No matter what she is doing, no matter what time of day, with makeup or without, she always has a glow surrounding her, kind of radiating outward and enveloping everyone within a ten-foot radius.”

We all have this beauty, this radiant glow. We just have to acknowledge it. Turn it on!

How do you gain confidence in yourself?

This is no easy question to answer. Try channeling your focus and energy into an activity that combines physical and mental strength. For me, that has been bikram yoga. I have always dealt with anxiety and occasionally low self-esteem/confidence levels, but bikram has given me the opportunity to breathe, to love, and to be patient with myself. Improving the way I execute a pose tells me that I have become stronger on so many levels and more focused in that sweltering heat. I always feel like I am on top of the world (think: Wonder Woman). And I try my best to carry that mentality with me wherever I go off the mat.

To read more of my thoughts on bikram, please direct your attention here.

What is one beautiful part of yourself that you admire?

I used to hate my tiny teeth.I even had a dream when I was about eleven years old that I got my teeth “enlarged” somehow, and I woke up disappointed that my baby-like tiny teeth were still there.

But I’ve grown to love them. I’ve acknowledged that they are a part of me. They are a part of my smile, which shows others how happy I am.

I would like to amend Sophia Loren’s quote: Beauty shows through your eyes and your smile.

Sometimes I just can’t stop smiling.

So what about make-up? How does that fit into this vision of beauty?

I think I can speak for many when I say that a little lipstick or some eye shadow only add to a person’s beauty through highlighting and definition. I view make-up as an art form of self expression. When I draw eye liner beneath each eye, I use a gold pencil because it brings out the brightness of my green eyes.

But remember what really matters, and don’t get too caught up in trying too hard with appearance.

(And don’t overdo it: clowns are in the circus for a reason! 😉 )

What “beauty products” do you like?

You can never go wrong with a bottle of moisterizer that includes SPF and a bottle ofwater! Your skin is one of your most important assets. Treat it well with hydration and nourishment, and you will discover another way to glow.

What magazines out there really promote a healthy mindset on beauty?

*cue crickets*

All of the mainstream magazines i can think of promote airbrushing (see my post on this), dieting, weight-loss tips galore, and itty bitty waists. Sound healthy? Sound beautiful? Nope. I have seen a few good articles here and there in Glamour and Self, but the overall image in all of these magazines is going in the wrong direction. Please alert me if you think otherwise/know of any fantastic magazines/find any worthy articles that I might like to consider posting about!

So who do you look to for inspiration?

I have found tremendous inspiration in the blogosphere concerning beauty, body image, and healthy living in general. To read more about my journey in blogging, please click here.

I consider the following bloggers to be incredible inspirations, who write about meaningful topics:

*Caitlin @ Healthy Tipping Point

~Also check out her initiative toward positive body image, Operation Beautiful

*Kailey @ Snack Face

*Evan at Chocolate and Chaturangas

*Angela @ Oh She Glows

*Meg @ sunshine ‘n spice

*Chelsey @ clean eating chelsey

Remember to always be nice to others, and always nice to yourself.




One thought on “Guest Post: The Beauty Notebooks

  1. thanks for the post, I will answer one of your questions: I have gained confidence in myself through being patience for years I have suffered with low self esteem and I have to constantly challenge the thoughts, so I would say just give yourself time and allow your thinking to gradually change.

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