Ask A CL Intern Responds

I’m in the midst of moving into my new apartment today, but……..

Be sure to check out my first article for College Lifestyles! It’s a Q&A all about veganism!

Ask A CL Intern Responds – I’m A Vegan!

Leave lots of comments and tell me what you think!
Also, be sure to tune in next week for my next article! Here’s a sneak preview: it’s all about workouts that can be done with minimal equipment.


4 thoughts on “Ask A CL Intern Responds

  1. This! This is the kind of stuff I want to be writing and publishing on campus! I need to talk to professors when I get back to find out what sorts of things I can do to get into this. I loved the article and I believe you did an outstanding job writing it. I look forward to future ones.

    Also, you mentioned that you take a daily multivitamin. I know the supplement industry is poorly (read:not at all) regulated, so I was wondering if you had one that you could recommend? I’m trying to find an animal-friendly vitamin that gives 100% or less (not 500%+ like a ton of them out there) and I would cut it in half – just sort of like a little back up in case I’m missing something here or there.

    Anyways, again, great article and keep up the good publishing!

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