Diagnosis and August Recap

Well, I finally broke down.

Two weeks after my original injury and the butt pain still in place, with me limping all over campus, I broke down and took my afternoon off to go to a clinic and get myself checked out. Just like I thought, I have proximal hamstring tendinitis. Basically, I hurt my hamstring right where the tendons connect with it up near my butt. It’s a slow-healing injury, but the doc said that I could probably continue running, just not at the pace that I was going and as long as I really listen to my body and stop immediately if I feel pain. He also prescribed me some anti-inflammatories and filled a referral for a PT just in case those don’t help.

Overall, I’d say this is good news. He didn’t seem too worried about it and had recently begun a walking program himself and lost about 20lbs. so far. So proud of all the Couch to 5K-ers out there!

ALSO, I finally got an appointment to talk to someone about the Honors Option I did for a class way back in the spring semester that was denied. I haven’t given up and hopefully the process can now continue in the right direction.

The apartment is still going fabulously. I really do love my new roommate and we’re pretty much twinsies. While this doesn’t work out some of the time, I’ve found that the more alike I am with someone the better I get along with them. We’re both pretty introverted. We enjoy going out and having a good time, but only on occasion and nothing to the brink of self-destruction like that seen around us every day living on a college campus and mere feet away from several fraternity houses. We prefer to stay in and we prefer to keep to ourselves for the most part. I even got her to try making a Green Monster! If only we were even close to the same major and she could help me with my classes, ha. But, alas, she is a Psychology major and graduating in May and then “jetting” off to Grand Rapids for graduate school. At least she has her shiz together…

Last day of summer picture, with my hair freshly cut for the new semester and a new outfit to power me through the move.

Anyways, classes started on Wednesday and I seriously haven’t even had a chance to breathe since then. I’m only taking 14 credits, and working my usual 10 hours in the scholarships office, but I still feel a bit overwhelmed right now. I’m taking Human Gross Anatomy, Introduction to Biochemistry, Applied Community Nutrition, and Foodservice Operations. I also joined my school’s Running Club and am going to be continuing to be a member of the Food and Nutrition Association as well as my internship over at College Lifestyles (you’ve checked that out, right?).

August Recap:
– What I Ate Wednesday: One and Two and Three
Guest Post by Amanda from The Beauty Notebooks
– I began my internship at College Lifestyles: Introduction and First Article
– Got injured for the first time since I started running and have essentially stopped since then
– Moved into my new apartment 

September Goals/Plans:
– Write FIVE articles for my internship (one has already been posted for the month)
– Find some way to still be able to participate in my half marathon on the 18th
– Attend FNCE in San Diego the 23-26th
– Get into a routine again
– Start lifting (I’ve got NROLFW coming in the mail)
– Heal from my hamstring injury so that I can start focusing on my next running goal
– Find more time for my boyfriend (2 days into the new semester and I already know this is going to be tough)

There are, of course, many more goals, but I think that these highlight my major ones pretty well.

It’s going to be a crazy month, a crazy semester, a crazy year. No doubt about it. But I wouldn’t go through everything that I do if I didn’t think that it was all worth it in the end.

Now, on to a weekend of reading for classes and making dinner for the boyfriend. See? I’m already making progress on my goals! I’m really trying to not let things that are important to me take a backseat this semester. I’m ready to take the initiative. I blame this new internship. It’s making me really put myself out there and take what I want (without stepping on other people, of course). History does not write about the silent woman. It write about the ones that made a splash. Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart. Just imagine if they had never spoken up…


9 thoughts on “Diagnosis and August Recap

  1. If our Anatomy classes are similar (both in material and the fact that everyone is saying “it’s a lot of memorization and really hard,” then maybe we could somehow study together. That’d be pretty awesome in my opinion.

    Biochem is also a lot of fun… if you like that sort of thing, which I did/do.
    I’m glad to hear your hamstring isn’t anything serious in terms of injury, and I really like your hair cut! I hope the semester doesn’t bring too much stress for you. I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it all either way.

    Oh, and they don’t suggest that any Dietetics majors take a minor here because of how intense the courseload is, those who do are recommended for it to either be in Spanish or Psychology. The latter and Dietetics are actually quite linked together depending how you look at all of the science.

    • Woo studying! Yeah, I hear it’s basically straight memorization.

      I think Biochem will be my favorite, just because I’ve always liked that kind of science. It WAS my major before I switched after all. I’m just one of those people that likes structure. I’m sure I’ll be fine once I’ve gone through the week a few times.

      I can imagine! There are 2 specializations (about 12-13 credits each) that Dietetics majors often take and that’s the only reason that I’m taking one. Plus it really interested me, ha. I mean, Health Promotions? Sounds just like me! My roommate is more the research-side of Psychology so she doesn’t take any science courses. While I’ve had to take 1 psych class so far and will be taking 1 more I think (Health Psychology) I think that it overlaps more with my specialization than Dietetics itself.

  2. Have fun at FNCE in San Diego! I should have gone last year in Boston when it was close to me, but I found out about it too late. Props to your roommate for having next year figured out already. I’m so intimidated by the dietetic internship/grad school process…that I have to start soon.

  3. I’ve had tendonitis several times and in several places, but never my hamstrings! I always get major soreness there though and I know how terrible pain there can be. Hope it heals fast! I also hope that honors program works out for you because you deserve it!

  4. I loooove that quote! Its so true!
    Good thing you’re handling all the stuff you’ve got going on so well…seems like you’re being really positive and trying to stay organized! That is awesome!

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