FNCE – San Diego

Hi, everyone!

I’m in the airport right now in San Diego waiting to get on the plane that will take me back home. Perfect time to get you all caught up on my weekend at the Food and Nutrition Convention and Expo (FNCE)!

First of all, I was super stressed out the day before coming out here. I was really scared and nervous, but it all turned out pretty well. Go figure, right?

Anyways, let’s start fro the beginning…

Friday afternoon, I flew out and landed in San Diego in the evening. Everyone else had arrived earlier in the day so they were out at dinner and living it up in the San Diego nightlife, so, I just chilled in the hotel room until my 3 roommates came back and we all just crashed.

The next day, I was up bright and early for a workout on probably the fanciest elliptical I have ever seen. 4 miles done and done. Later that morning, I set out on foot to find a vegan burger place that I had come across on my Google search for vegan fare: Evolution Fast Food.

I got a Chik’n sandwich and some sort of chocolate and nut cookie. Both were FANTASTIC. If you go to San Diego I highly recommend this little shop. Afterwards, it was back to the hotel to walk around a bit with my roommates. We walked to the pier and I saw as much of the Pacific Ocean as I will probably ever see, as well as some huge boats and ships.

The afternoon was pretty chill. We all checked-in at the conference and got our badges and things for the next day. There was also the opening ceremony. Nancy Brinker (as in the Susan G. Komen Foundation) was the featured speaker. She was amazing! I ended up going to a bar with the 2 guys that came with us and another girl. No vegan fare there, rolled with a mediocre salad until I could get back to the hotel and eat one of the goodies that I had packed in my bag.

Next morning was early as well (let’s face it, they were all early). 3 hour time differences really screw with your sleeping and waking patterns. How else could you explain me passing out for the night before 8:30?

Anyways, Day 1 was filled with the Expo. So many companies were there! Zevia, Larabar, Clif/Luna Bar, KIND bar, Quaker, Lundberg, Chobani, Kellogg, General Mills, Subway, McDonalds, Babybel, Udi’s Gluten-Free, Barbara’s Bakery, and tons more, many of which I had heard of and many more which I had not. I came away with 3 totes completely packed with free stuff. Awesome!

Not only did I get a ton of free samples and coupons, but I met one of my idols: Bob Harper! He was at the Quaker booth for like an hour signing and handing out his newest workout DVD for free. Of course I got a picture with him. Heaven

I also met the CEO of College Lifestyles, the website that I’m a Health Writer intern for. She is honestly just as sweet and amazing in person as she is over the phone and through e-mail/Twitter/Facebook. We actually didn’t know that the other was coming until maybe Thursday. If she had known then she said that she could have gotten me a Media Pass and I would have gotten so many more perks!

And probably the companies would have actually bothered to take to me, haha, not much interest in talking to students. They care more about those who are already RDs so that they’ll recommend their products to their patients/clients. Hell-o! I’m a future RD, don’t think I’m going to tout your product if you don’t respect everyone who approaches you. If you don’t respect me I don’t think that you’re going to care very much about my client/patient either.

Exhausted from hauling 20-30lbs of stuff around all morning, I went back to the hotel to rest until the internship fair later than day. There was only 1 program that I knew that I wanted to visit ahead of time, but I talked to several people to keep my options open and to practice my interviewing/interaction skills, haha. I really want to either get my Masters or get a fair amount of it done at the same time as my internship, and most importantly I want it to be near wherever my boyfriend ends up after he graduates. I don’t think I could spend 1-2 years away from him.

After the fair I went with 2 of the older girls (as in seniors) and we got sushi at a place called Ra! I got the Vegetarian Roll. Super good! Avocado, cucumber, bell peppers, asparagus, and more yummy stuff rolled up inside. True, I’m not a big fan of avocado, but is pretty much impossible to find a vegetarian sushi roll without it if you want more than cucumber in there.

Once again, back to the hotel to shower and crash. The next morning we had an alumni breakfast for people from Michigan and people that graduated from our program. It was just okay. The alumni that came were pretty clique-y and didn’t really want to talk to us current students. That and the food was sub-par. All they had that I could eat was fruit, so I was pretty grumpy with the blood sugar spikes and crashes. Luckily, I went to the expo real quick to grab some whole grains to ease the queasy feeling.

And now here I am! 8am Biochemistry class came way too soon…


7 thoughts on “FNCE – San Diego

  1. Sounds like so much fun! All that free stuff and meeting Bob must have been awesome. That’s great that you were able to talk to an internship program there as well. I want to visit programs, but probably won’t visit my top choice because it’s across the country in San Fran.

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to an expo. It’s great that you got all that free stuff and opportunities to ask questions of the sales people. That’s just super fun!!
    Sounds busy, but a great experience indeed.

  3. I really want to go to the expo after reading your post. One of my nutrition professors was there this weekend, but she talked more about the food politics going on because that is what her specialty is. She did tell me this really funny story about how there were these two people in a debate about the effects of soda on obesity (obviously one was sponsored by coca-cola).

    • It was definitely interesting. It’s a little sad though because there were products at the expo that really makes you think “This CAN’T be healthy.” You have to use your common sense and do a lot of research to sift through the bad stuff. For instance, a product that, once consumed, would make it so that your body doesn’t digest carbs (a “carb blocker”). You can imagine how that would be bad. You need to digest your food so that your waste-production system works! Diverticulitis, etc. would be a real concern.

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