NROLFW – Stage 1 Recap

Stage 1

Hey everyone! So, as you may or may not know, but you probably do if you follow me on dailymile, I started my first ever lifting program September 7, 2011 after I hurt my hamstring and figured that I wouldn’t be able to run for a while (I was right).

I chose The New Rules of Lifting for Women because, at the time, it seemed like everyone was doing it and touting it as the greatest thing ever. So, I bought the book, read it, and began (okay, I really started before I finished reading the book, but let’s ignore that part). Not only did I begin, but I loved it. And, seriously, with a tagline like “Lift like a man, Look like a goddess” you just have to check it out.

I’ve seen such immense changes in my strength and in my body and I can’t wait to see where the rest of the stages will take me. For an idea of where I’ve come in the first 6 weeks, I’m providing some tables comparing where I started to where I finished Stage 1 on two different levels: increased number of reps and increased weight.

Although I didn’t think to take a “before” picture or to take measurements or anything, I did take some pictures of my newly formed muscles. To me, the aesthetics are more important than the actual numbers themselves. Cue self-conscious body pictures, go!

I can’t wait to continue on with this program and grow even stronger! Check back in a few weeks when I will do a recap of the second stage as well. The rest are shorter than the first, so I promise that you won’t have to wait two months again :-).

Have you done the NROLFW lifting program?

Oh, hey, look, I’m not super bulky go figure, hmm?

Would you guys be at all interested in me doing a post on the supplements that I use?


11 thoughts on “NROLFW – Stage 1 Recap

  1. new(ish) to your blog, but wow girl you are awesome! Love that you are living proof that strong is beautiful, you look fabulous and super strong. You are an inspiration for lifting that’s for sure. Honestly, I am not so fond of lifting, but I know how great and beneficial it is. No need to be self conscious when your that ripped 🙂 Info on supplements sounds interesting too!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog!
      I used to be the cardio queen, but I had to stop almost instantly when I got injured. I found lifting to be a great replacement and, while it isn’t for everyone, I love it! This book gave me a great starting point since I had less-than-zero idea where to start. I highly recommend it if you’re interested!

  2. Everyone seems to be touting NROLFW at the moment, I really want to try it! I’m interested to hear how your hamstring feels with the squats; my ‘bad’ leg will quite often cave in if I try doing too many reps/up my weight at all.

  3. I’ve been on stage 1 of NROLFW for a while, I was seeing really good results but I haven’t done any workouts in the last 2 weeks as I was preparing and recovering from my first half-marathon. Hopefully I will be getting back into it this week.

    • It’s awesome! Many weight lifting programs have you lifting 6 days a week and only focusing on certain parts of your body each day (e.g. legs, arms, back, etc.) but since each of the workouts provided in NROLFW is full body you only lift THREE days a week! Great for those who can’t get to a gym every day.

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