Wedding Weekend

When it comes I wanna wail… WhatIAteWednesday!

Welcome to another fantastic round of What I Ate Wednesday!

We left off last time with me taking my mom to the hospital to get her port put in as an outpatient procedure. She had her first chemotherapy treatment on Friday when I was out of town at the wedding of my boyfriend’s brother to his new wife. Luckily, my aunt was able to take her.

She’s feeling okay for now, mostly just tired and needs to take more naps and go to bed earlier. But, she now has at least 1 appointment every day it seems. Because of this, I have decided to leave my job at the scholarships office so that I can be more available for her if she needs me. This whole process is so unpredictable and I don’t want her stranded somewhere because I wasn’t able to come with her and drive her home.

Finances are going to be tight with me not working. I already don’t break even each month and this will take an even greater toll. I’m hoping to work this summer since I won’t be taking any classes, but that’s still a far way off and it’s not guaranteed.

Anyways, on to the pictures and the food!

Highlights of the week:

Eggs, romaine, salsa, whole wheat Israeli couscous.

Steel-cut oats with vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, almond milk, and Greek yogurt.

I’ve been making a pot of steel-cut oats once a week and then refrigerating the individual portions. Steel-cut take a long time to cook and it’s great knowing that breakfast is already mostly made for me in the morning and I don’t have to worry as much about waking up my roommate at 6:30/7:00 in the morning.

Cottage cheese and strawberry preserves.

Pumpkin-peanut protein muffin with maple syrup.

And some from the wedding:

You can sort of see me and the dress that I wore here. One of the few pictures I took all weekend. I'm a bad paparazzi!

It was a beautiful day and I ate my weight in wedding cake and candy corn. I was essentially running on purely sugar this past weekend which left me constantly hungry. Needless to say, although I enjoyed my weekend of indulgences I came home ready to get back on track and I absolutely craved fruits, protein, and especially vegetables.

What did you do this past weekend?

If you haven’t already, check out my latest post recapping my first 1.5 months of weight lifting!

Also, I’ve been tracking what I’m eating for the past week or so (not counting this weekend of course) and plan on doing a post on how my eating has changed since I stopped being a vegan and started getting more seriously about my weight lifting. Would you guys be interested in that?


9 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend

  1. First of all….I’m sending you the biggest hug ever. Things must be very difficult for you at the moment and I think giving your job up is an amazing thing to do – you’re an angel. You look beautiful in your pic. You actually remind me of Rachel McAdams 🙂

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