Marathon Training Plan

While training for the half that never was, I seriously just winged it. And that worked FINE for me. I felt ready and prepared and super except for that one day that derailed me from racing.

However, a full marathon is a whole different ballpark. There are SO many different marathon training plans out there, and I looked at several and found quite a few that, if I do more marathons, I would love to try out. But, for my first I decided to go with my favorite running magazine, Runner’s World‘s Rookie Plan.

I, of course, trust Runner’s World. I also looked at Hal Higdon and my fellow bloggers, so the decision was extremely tough, but for my first time I think I’ll stick with RW since I have no experience about this to draw on. I did, however, use MegaNerdRuns‘ template for setting up the calendar since I thought that it looked so pretty!

So, here’s a little of what we’re looking at (click to enlarge):

Keep in mind that all of this is just a rough idea, I have no doubt that the plan itself will change once the time actually comes to start training in January. My current lifting program should be wrapping up around mid-February. I want to keep lifting past that date, but I have not selected a new program or anything yet so I do not have lifting scheduled in past then except for cross-training days.


  • Quality Runs– Fartleks, Yasso 800s, or Track Ladders depending on what I feel like doing.
  • Tempo Runs – 1.5-mile warmup jog followed by an even-paced moderately hard effort and ending with a 1-mile cooldown.
  • XT – Yoga, stationary bike, elliptical trainer, lifting, etc.

As far as pacing goes, I’ve set a maybe lofty, yet I think still attainable, goal of 4:00. I would be perfectly happy to get a time slower than that as long as I finish and finish strong. According to the McMillian Calculator, my training paces should be around the following:

I’m not that great at controlling my speed, I usually just run as fast as I feel, walk when I want to, etc., so I’m not quite sure how much I’ll actually be using this table, but it’s good to look at!

You can check out my Lansing Marathon training plan here. Hopefully I’ll remember to edit it as I go along, or at least to edit it once I’m finished so that you all can see and maybe even use it yourself in the formation of your own training plans.

Once I get started, I’ll be doing weekly update posts here on the blog.

I also want to wear a special shirt for my race. Yes, it is still extremely early, but I want to make sure I give people tons of time to vote and give the shirt lots of time to get delivered.


Where do you get your training plans?

Do you think that my plan is doable? Any elements that you think I’m missing?

Input would be greatly appreciated!



4 thoughts on “Marathon Training Plan

  1. WOW sounds like an amazing plan! I am so intimidated by it though! Running 20 miles just seems so impossible to me….hopefully I’ll be able to do it one day though!

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