NROLFW – Stage 2 Recap

Stage 2

Check out the Stage 1 recap here.

Stage 2 is much shorter than Stage 1. 8 workouts vs. 18 workouts.

Due to the shorter length of the stage, the gains were not as drastic between my starting and my ending levels.

The Stage 2 workouts took longer, although not by much and you start to do interval training in your “B” workouts. Also, lifting gloves = Godsend. With the cold weather coming in my skin has been drying up and holding the barbell/dumbbells has been irritating my hands, but I found a good pair of female lifting gloves at Dick’s Sporting Goods that I quite like and make me look pretty B.A.

As far as my body goes, I haven’t been noticing as many difference as my Stage 1 results. I think that my biceps and deltoids are larger and my triceps might be getting more definition. Also, my thighs are a bit more muscular I think, but since I never took measurements I guess I’ll never know.

Sorry for the different lighting and scenery. Oh the joys of having a roommate who takes 3.5 hours to get ready in the morning when we only have ONE bathroom.

Maybe you guys will be able to see bigger differences, but I don’t know how much I see them since I’m used to sensing my body 24/7, whereas you guys see it only every few weeks or so.

I also started to look more at my diet. From what I’ve gathered I need to eat more fat. I consistently come out under the recommended value each day. Yes, there is a guideline for the minimum amount of fat that a person should eat just for normal cellular function and I am almost always too low.

So, for the next stage I am going to focus on a couple of things:

  • Shoot for a 40-30-30 ratio (Carbohydrates-Protein-Fat) calorie breakdown with at least 35g of fat each day and 130g of protein on days that I lift
  • Eat the majority (65-75%) of my carbohydrates in the first half of the day (before 2pm)
  • Reduce nighttime snacking (I tend to snack a lot in the evenings. Snacking isn’t bad necessarily, but it could mean that I’m not eating enough during the day)
Other than this, I’m working on building my base mileage up again before my official marathon training start day on January 2 (2012!)

What did you work today?

Do you shoot for a certain macronutrient (carb, protein fat) ratio?

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