Cleaning It Up

I’m making a return to the What I Ate Wednesday party this week! After being sick for the past week, I decided that I didn’t even have the energy to post pictures last week, let alone write a post.

However, this week I’m only battling a stuffy nose and a tiny cough rather than a raging fever, so here we go!

I had been eating really cruddy for the week before I got sick. So, since last week Wednesday I’ve really cleaned up my diet to get back on track but still feel like I’m not depriving myself.

I always find things easier to stick to if I have a solid, written and physical plan to follow. So, I went to my newest favorite website and looked up my favorite Fitness Model ever, Jamie Eason. After finishing NROLFW and my marathon in April, I plan on following Jamie’s 12-Week Live Fit program. Why? Because I can! And I am honestly curious about the results that I’ll achieve.

Anyway, Jamie provides a clean eating diet plan that I decided to follow to help me get back on track while also optimizing my diet for my workouts. It’s pretty simple. You eat every 3 hours and get to pick from a wide range of mix-and-match foods so long as it follows the plan. 1 week in and I don’t feel deprived or bored whatsoever.

I, of course, have been tracking my kcal, protein, carbohydrates, and fat, since I think it’s a good idea whenever you try something new to track for awhile until you know that you have it down. Jamie’s program is designed so that you get about a 40-50-10 ratio of protein-carbs-fat, and I usually come in right around there. You eat 5-6 times a day with protein at every meal. You also get to eat unlimited veggies! Hollah!

So, here’s a look at some of the things that I’ve been eating on the plan:

Jamie Eason Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread

Sliced up with maple syrup

So, ugh, moist. Terrible word, perfect description.ย Find the recipe for Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread here.

Oatmeal with Chocolate PB protein powder from Optimum Nutrition

Veggie burger + low sugar ketchup over romaine lettuce, veg mix, and a cinnamon raisin bagel

Jamie Eason Chocolate Protein Bars

My roommate thought that I was making brownies. The batter tastes AMAZING!

Find the recipe for Chocolate Protein Bars here. Her’s look quite a bit different because I used a much larger pan. I really need to get some bakeware.

Eggs + ketchup. A perfect combo.

Tuna, brown rice, balsamic dressing, and nutritional yeast

That’s right. I’m eating seafood now. I’ve tried both shrimp and tuna now and my stomach seems to be tolerating it well so I’m going to still with it! Seafood can make a great lean protein source, and I can only eat so many eggs before I get sick of them.

My training has been going really well lately. Other than the first day or two when my illness was at it’s worst and I took some time off from working out that is. Still building my base mileage back up, but I feel like it’s been getting easier.

Also, I’ve been reading The Count of Monte Cristo and Marathoning for Mortals as I run to keep my mind occupied. As you may recall, I don’t like listening to my iPod when I run since I actually feel like it makes the time feel longer and because many races don’t allow it. It’s not usually a problem when I run out on the road, but in the gym I have to have something to do, and so I turn on the ole Kindle and expand my mind.

In other, and fabulous news, I’m now on Thanksgiving break! Only 2 more weeks of classes and 1 week of finals stand between me and a few weeks of freedom. I’m actually quite happy that my roommate is going home for Winter Break. I like having the apartment to myself. If it weren’t for the fact that 1-room apartments are so expensive (around $900-1000 at the low end) I would be living in a single this year.

But, the price cut is worth it. Despite everything that annoys me about my roommate, she’s still 1,000x better than the situation I was in last year. I’ll just let my long-time readers to remember and the newcomers to search since there are just too many posts referencing said situation to link just one.

Have a happy WIAW and a Thankful Thanksgiving everyone!

Have you voted in my marathon shirt poll yet?


11 thoughts on “Cleaning It Up

  1. Those protein bars looks really good. Perhaps too good because if I baked them I would probably end up eating 3 in a sitting.

    Do you find the level of carbs a little low at 50 %? As a runner, carbs are the preferred source of energy so I would be interested to know how you go training at this level.

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