A Day In The Life

When it comes I wanna wail “WHATIATEWEDNESDAYTUESDAY!”

Hey y’all! I thought that I’d do a true day of eats today, which I don’t usually do since I forget and just end up posting the “highlights” of the past week since I don’t really post all that often due to classes, working out, and just overall not having much to say. The bulk of my posting is promoting the articles that I write for my internship at College Lifestyles. This will probably change once my marathon training starts in a month, but for now you get what you get!

Okay, here we go…

Breakfast (6:30am):

Oatmeal with Chocolate PB protein powder (Optimum Nutrition) and ground flaxseed.

Biochemistry (8:00am-9:50am):

Source: Bodybuilding.com

Insert: Homemade chocolate protein bars from Bodybuilding.com

Workout (10:30am-11:30am):

Ran 3.20 miles in 30:30 and biked for 34 minutes (mileage unknown, darn technology!)

Lunch (12:30pm):

Udi's GF Cinnamon-Raisin Bread + Tuna, broccoli, balsamic dressing, nutritional yeast.

Foodservice Organization (3:00pm-4:20pm):

Chobani plain Greek yogurt, blackberry preserves, soynut butter.

My teacher actually thought that I was eating ice-cream in class. If only!

Grocery Shopping (5:00pm): <– skipped my Anatomy class since the Powerpoint is online

Nothing too exciting here, but necessary as always! Restocked my frozen veggie stash since I’ve been going through them like a mad woman on this clean eating plan.

Dinner (6:30pm):

Ope's Veggie Burger (with a ketchup face!) + Udi's GF Cinnamon-Raisin bread + mixed veggies, balsamic dressing, nutritional yeast.

Ope’s is a company that I found at my local health food store. I love their stuffed sandwiches, but I really wanted a high-protein, low(er)-carb veggie burger and this was a pretty good find! (130kcal, 18g pro, 9.5g carb) Check to see if they’re in a store near you!

Studying/Video game playing (8:30pm-10:00pm):

Not following Jamie Eason’s plan in this meal, but I had several handfuls of dark chocolate covered almonds for dessert tonight. Back to getting on track with my eating tomorrow! Holiday feasting is done once more… for a few more weeks at least.

Also, want to know how much of a geek I am? This evening I’ve been taking practice Biochemistry exams while playing this:

And guess who made a visit to town this afternoon/evening?

That would be Jack Frost ladies and gents. We’re pretty hardcore here on snow days. They only get called if we have, like, a foot of snow and it fell within an hour at 4 in the morning. It doesn’t happen but once every 30 or 40 YEARS. We had “Snowmageddon” last year, so I don’t think we’re due for another one until my own children have already graduated from college.

Update: This is what the parking lot looked like this morning…

6-10 inches peeps.


Just 1.5 more weeks of class and then a week of finals and I am FREE… for a few weeks at least.

How was your Thanksgiving!?

For those of you in school/that teach, when does your winter break start?


10 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. How is biochem? I’m taking that next semester and I’m a little nervous for it. Love the smiley face of ketchup. I’m going to do that to my food, so I can have a laugh at the end of the day when I’m normally an exhausted mess.

    • Meh. I used to be a Biochemistry major and this is the “easier” version for those not going in to healthcare (pre-med, pre-vet, etc.)

      And I say, I’m an adult, I can still play with my food if I want, haha. Thus, a smiley face on my burger. Kids shouldn’t be the only ones allowed to have some fun!

  2. That Greek yogurt DOES look like ice-cream! Yum!
    You have your oats at the same time the same way I do most days of the week- chocolaty with flax seed – must be a collage thing 😛

  3. I love snow & soy butter – I don’t care how “bad” soy is! 😛

    I noticed you’re doing the cookie recipe swap for December and wanted to let you know about another challenge that I hope you’ll join me for (with a potential prize, too!). It’s NaNeFoMo (info here: http://living-learning-eating.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-foodie-bucket-list-for-nanefomo.html ) and basically you make a bucket list of at least 5 (but up to however many you like – I have 13) new foods to try during December. Then you try them all! You can grab the button from my sidebar for yours and I’d be so thrilled if you’d join me! 🙂

  4. The Ope’s team just stumbled upon this blog that highlights our veggie burgers! Thank you for mentioning Ope’s! Let us know if we can help you out in any way, whether its for your blog or training! Our Ope’s team members are all into marathons too. Keep doing great things. Thanks again!

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