It’s All The Same…

Thursday marked the end of my poll. You guys voted, and it looks like the shirt that I’ll be wearing during my first marathon in April will say “First or last, it’s the same finish line”. Great quote you guys and I sure hope that it inspires everyone running with me as much as it will inspire me. Although, find your happy pace is pretty good, too. 🙂


Next week is finals, so most of my time has been taken up by studying and attempting to maybe be studying.

But, in the never-ending struggle that all college students face in finding distractions from studying, I decided to use some of that time to write you all a post. Lucky you?

First, look at my awesome nail art!

I got the idea from Pinterest (obvs). It was actually really easy, I just wish that I owned more than 2 bottles of nail polish so that the colors would work together better. But still cool!

Also, I received a cute little surprise in the mail the other day…

That’s right. That would be LUNA Chocolate Peppermint Stick chapstick with a complementary LUNA bar… with some anatomy notes thrown in underneath. Ignore the fact that it’s on male reproductive anatomy, haha. Major cred if you figured it out on your own from seeing “cremasteric muscle”.


A while back I said that I would do a post on some of the supplements that I take, and here it finally is!

I’ve been getting a little bored with my 2 protein powders. I have 1 whey (for post-workout) and 1 casein (for everything else, but I mostly just use it for my oats in the morning). So, I ordered some more from one of my favorite companies off of Amazon…

I use the G2 on my runs lasting more than an hour or when it’s really hot/humid out (August around here). The Wheybolic is chocolate and tastes awesome. The Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Gold Standard in Chocolate Peanut Butter I actually won from a blog giveaway and love it. I stir it in to my oats every morning. The Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard in Cookies and Cream I just ordered. It’s a little too sweet for my personal tastes, but I think if I stirred it in to my oats (which I like sweet in the morning) or diluted it with water in my post-workout protein shakes that it would work perfectly.

In addition to these every day I take a women’s health multivitamin (Kroger brand) and a vitamin B complex supplement. Also, about 4 or 5 times a week I take a fish oil pill and 2 or 3 times a week I take a vitamin D pill, but only in the winter since I’m outside so little and when I am I try and cover up every inch of skin that could possibly be exposed during my walk.


In other news, last night marked the first of my many, many Christmases. It was me, my boyfriend, my mom, my (half-)sister and my brother-in-law, and our family friends Jess and Brad. I look forward to seeing them for Christmas every year. Jess and Brad are excellent cooks and everything was delicious, especially the egg nog cheesecake that Jess made for dessert.

Of course, there were presents to be had. Seriously, my sister, who is in her mid-30s, was more anxious to open presents than I was. “I think it’s present time.” “Present time!” And then she finally just moves into the other room so that we’re all forced to follow her and she plays Santa, handing out the presents to their appropriate recipients.

But, I love her, and the conversation was great! Intelligent conversation that I usually just can’t find among people my own age. Not that I’m “above” my college-aged peers, but sometimes it’s good to act like a real adult (everyone, boyfriend excluded, was 15-40ish years older than me). I sampled a few beers, but even the “good stuff” doesn’t appeal to my taste buds. I’m just not a beer drinker, even if it says “Chocolate Stout”.

They joked that when they looked at my wishlist they thought that it read like a wedding registry. About 2/3 of my list this year is kitchen and house supplies since the boyfriend and I are moving in together next year for our last year in college (he’s taking an extra semester so that he doesn’t have to kill himself with 18+ credit semesters). Neither of us has things like, oh, dishes… or cookware… or silverware. These are kind of essentials and it’s better they buy me quality stuff now than me finding whatever is the cheapest at the time and having to get rid of it all when I move next summer since it’s such crap quality, right?

Besides, the other 1/3 is mostly fitness/running stuff or DVDs. Totally me, even if other people don’t see them as “fun” gifts.

The next Christmas party is next weekend, when I go home with the boyfriend after finals are over. Yeah, they celebrate Christmas early, but only because they travel down to Florida for the actual day of.


I had a great run this morning. A little over 7 miles in just over an hour. My legs felt fairly fresh despite lifting yesterday and I kept up a good 8:48 average pace. I alternated between reading The Count of Monte Cristo (about 1/3 of the way through) and started reading The Violets of March for PBFingers’ December Book Club. I’ve only read 2 chapters so far and I already know that I’m going to like the rest of this book. Great pick, Julie!

Alright, time to go to the grocery store to pick up cookie-baking supplies and vegetables. Seriously, there isn’t a single vegetable to be found in my entire apartment and I need some after last night’s cheesecake and chocolate overload. Good thing the holidays only come around once a year! Otherwise, I might actually feel guilty about all the yummy things I’ve been consuming lately.

Peace out, Girl Scouts!


5 thoughts on “It’s All The Same…

  1. Dude I’m fulfilling studying procrastination right now haha I just can’t wait til these finals are done!
    Love the nails and holla for free Luna bar too! 🙂
    Have fun at the grocery and good luck studying!

  2. Nice run girl! Looks like you’re coming back strong from your injury! That is so awesome!! I love celebrating christmas multiple times too! So fun.

    That nail polish looks awesome! I need to try something creative like that out 🙂

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