With Eyes Turned Back

2011 came through with a lot of changes: heart ache; love; success; and failure


Started my second semester of my sophomore year of college. Still in the grips of my eating disorder and the physical and emotional pain of my IBS. I got accepted into a study abroad program in Africa and could not have been more excited. Starting working out again.


Continue working out, but still not able to run again yet. Set up a Twitter account. Still struggling with my disordered thoughts.


My medical file gets flagged by the university and I get my first hiccup in my study abroad debacle. My doctors refuse to write me letters stating clean bills of health unless they all cooperate with each other. I get the letters that I need from my doctors. I start the process of trying to get out of my lease after having to deal with 3 months of the roommate situation from Hell. Ran my first 5K of the year and got 1st in my age division. Moved back home. Signed up to run in my first half marathon in September. Despite my doctors’ okays, my study abroad acceptance gets rescinded and I lose a lot of money that was tied up in Africa preparations.


I proposed a “40 in 400” challenge to myself. Lots of boatmeal (baked oatmeal). Mike Posner concert. Guest post for Carrie at Moves ‘N Munchies about my disorder history. Running with my new Garmin.


Finished sophomore year. Had my Honors Option research paper refused for credit. Started summer classes. Started participating in WIAW. I stopped counting calories. Turned 20. Run run run. Endless bowls of oat bran, Green Monster smoothies, and pancake Sundays.


Stopped listening to music/iPod while running. Ran in my first 10K race and placed 2nd in my age group. Second guest post for Carrie at Moves ‘N Munchies.


Direct assault to my self-esteem. Ran my longest run to date, a half marathon distance for a training run. My cat Chi-Chi died. New round of summer classes.


Hurt my hamstring while running, just 1 month before my race and instantly barring me from any form of running or exercise. Started my internship as a Health Writer at College Lifestyles. Moved into my current apartment.


Started physical therapy for my hamstring. Started lifting weights using The New Rules of Lifting for Women. Decided to lose the labels and go back to being an omnivore. Didn’t run my first “real” half marathon due to injury, but walked a 5K race with my mom instead. Mom gets diagnosed with breast cancer. I go to California to attend the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo with students from my Dietetics program.


Quit my job in the Scholarship office. Finished physical therapy. Started running again. Registered for my first full marathon in April. Went to a wedding.


Run run run to build base mileage up. Started following the LifeFit way of clean eating. More NROLFW. Came up with my marathon training plan.


Finished the first semester of my junior year of college. I like my weights heavy (NROLFW). Decided to continue my internship at College Lifestyles and earned myself the title of Senior Health Writer. Signed up to run my second full marathon in October, even though I have yet to even run my first.


Yes, I know that 2011 is not officially over yet, but I thought that it was close enough now where I could write a “year in review” post.

I have Christmas tonight with my dad, then real Christmas with my mom and cousins. Also, I have an interview for a possible spring internship on Tuesday. I’m so excited! This would probably be the most exciting thing to happen to me and, if I get selected (they’re only choosing 10 people), this will probably be the best opportunity to ever come my way.

Expect a post within the next few days about my plans for 2012


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