The Last WIAW of 2011

When it comes I wanna wail “WHATIATEWEDNESDAYTUESDAY!”

Ahhh… Winter Break. Still in a gloriously laid back atmosphere, even if there is finally snow on the ground and it’s disgusting as all get out. Still, girl’s gotta wake-up and take her pills before the sun even has the chance to rise!

Meal #1 (6:30am):

Oatmeal with ON Chocolate PB

Workout (8:00am):

30 minutes bike = 7.84 miles
30 minutes treadmill = 3.37 miles

Meal #2 (9:30am):


Jamie Eason Pumpkin Protein Bars

Interview (11:00am):

Remember when I was applying for things last WIAW? Well, today I had an interview for one of those! I will be working at a gym and helping with fitness and sports training. Orientation is on the 4th and I start the week after that when classes start up again!

I am so unbelievably excited you don’t even know. Walking in to this place was like stepping foot on a whole new fitness planet that I had never seen before. LIGHT YEARS above and beyond the community center gym that I’ve been going to next to my apartment. And I get such unbelievable perks! Free membership and free classes plus a great opportunity for future employment and possible reference giver.  I feel so blessed!

Meal #3 (12:30pm):

Lunch centered around a new (to me) product that I’ve read about for a while now and just found in my grocery store, Flatout Bread. It wasn’t with all of the regular bread so I had never seen these before, but I’ll definitely be going back to that section of the store again soon!

I made it into a lovely pizza made just for me! Want to know my secret? Laughing Cow spreadable cheese. I took a wedge of the Tomato Basil, spread it over the wrap, put on tomato sauce, then LF cheddar cheese and some chicken. Awesome sauce! Put in the oven at 350F for 10 minutes and, voila, yum-o pizza.

Terrible pizza lighting, sorry!

Meal #4 (3:30pm):

Chobani with blueberry preserves and walnuts.

Plus some un-pictured SF chocolate pudding.

I spent this time, plus the proceeding hour or so, making an inspiration board for 2012. Basically, you get some poster board and put sayings, words, pictures, and goals on it that you want to see come true during the coming year. Here’s a little peak at mine:

Yes, I’m cool and used tape since I don’t have any glue.

Meal #5 (6:30pm):

Fried rice.

And finally broke in to my new Big Bang Theory DVDs. I think that now would be a good time to mention that my mom bought me a BBT-themed t-shirt. It has the “Soft Kitty” song on it 🙂 .

Not sure yet what I’m going to have for a pre-bed snack. Me thinks cottage cheese sounds like a good choice!

Have you ever made an Inspiration Board?

Have you made any 2012 goals yet?


12 thoughts on “The Last WIAW of 2011

  1. That’s SO awesome about your new gym job! Congrats!! What a perfect way to start the new year 🙂
    I love the looks of that pizza and the idea to put blueberry preserves on Chobani is fantastic, I gotta do that asap!
    Happy WIAW friend! 😀

  2. Can’t say that I’ve made an inspiration board, but I do collect any comics from the newspaper that literally make me lol (it takes a lot to get me to display laughter when I’m reading by myself) and I plan to make a large poster or board out of them when I get enough.

    Congrats on the job!! ^^

  3. Congrats on the internship!! I’d love a job like that. Those perks can’t be beat!! I have inspiration boards all over my room. I’d love to make one for the new year, but I don’t think I’ll have time to get it done before 2012! I guess one of the things I should put on it is “don’t procrastinate”!

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