What’s To Come

You may have noticed this little snippet in my latest WIAW post.

It is a small section of the inspiration board that I made for 2012.

What is an inspiration board? Simple. It’s a collection of inspirational quotes, words, and pictures interspersed with goals that you have for the year. Things that you want to see happen.

Note that I said “goals” and not “resolutions”. They are not synonyms. In my opinion, resolutions just don’t work. 25% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by the second week of January. I know far too many people who say “This is the year that I lose a ton of weight”. At my age, that’s pretty much as deep as resolutions go for the majority of the population. And not just for my age group, losing weight is among the most “popular” New Years resolutions.

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I’m not going to share everything that I have on my board, I’ll keep those private until (if) they come true. But, here are a few that I can share with you…

  • Go to New York City. The boy is working in New Jersey this summer and I’m hoping to make it out there once so that we can have a week(end) together in NYC. Neither of us have ever been, and I’m positive I won’t get to do nearly enough in the small amount of time afforded to us, but I’m going to try and see as much as I can in the time we have!
  • Run a marathon. I’ve already mentioned this before, but I’m signed up to run in my first marathon in April. The Lansing Marathon. Training starts tomorrow! See my tentative plan here. Not only that, but I’ve already signed up for my second. I’ll be doing the Grand Rapids Marathon in October. This will an opportunity to improve on training once I find my weak spots and hopefully improve on my Lansing experience.
  • Get NASM certification in personal training. I’m hoping that I will spend a good portion of this summer studying for, taking, and passing the National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer certification (CPT) exam.
  • Become more confident in my driving. Honestly, this new manual that I’m driving now scares me. But, with having to drive to my new internship several times a week I think it will be good forced practice to help me gain confidence in my driving skills. While stalling out in an inconvenient place and making other drivers mad at me terrifies me, I can’t let fear get in the way of something that I want so badly.
  • Continue my Dean’s List streak. It’s one of my college goals to be on the Dean’s List every semester (Dean’s List = 3.5+ GPA). So far, so good and I’m hoping to keep it up for my remaining 3 semesters until I graduate. If I don’t meet this goal, it’s not the end of the world. For some reason, the Honors College has a much lower GPA requirement (3.2 GPA) and I think that as long as I don’t fail the rest of my courses that I’ll graduate with an “Honors” designation on my diploma. School has always been important to me and college and new responsibilities has not changed that in the least.

What are some of YOUR goals for 2012?


5 thoughts on “What’s To Come

  1. Awesome goals girl! All of them seem reachable and like great accomplishments! You are going to have a great year!

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