Lansing Marathon Training: Week 1

Lansing Marathon Training

  • Week 1 – This week!
  • 15 weeks to go…
Week 1: January 2 – 8, 2012

Monday: 4 miles (Easy Run, 8:56 avg pace) + NROLFW Stage 5 Workout B + Interval Run (1.57 miles)

First day of training! Also my first time doing an actual run and lifting weights in the same session. It didn’t feel too bad, though, since the mileage is still low. I plan on finishing NROLFW because I only have two more stage left to complete the entire program! As long as I only lift on low-mileage days I think that I should be okay.

Tuesday: 3 miles (Easy Run, 8:34 avg pace)

Nice and easy. Nothing that I’ve never done before.

Wednesday: 4 miles (Easy Run, 8:33 avg pace) + NROLFW Stage 5 Workout A + Body-weight Matrices

Because I had to go to orientation for my new internship this morning, I wasn’t able to fit in both workouts in the morning. So, right after my orientation I ran my miles and then went back to the gym after lunch to lift weights. Nothing wrong with 2-a-days!

Thursday: OFF

I had to go to Ann Arbor to see my GI specialists. Luckily, Thursdays are already planned as my scheduled “rest” days.

Textbooks for the semester. Spring semester starts on Monday!

Friday: 5 miles (Long Run, 8:33 avg pace)

Very nice and easy “long” run. I only took two 1-minute jog breaks to down some Gatorade (easy carbs and electrolytes!). Based on my past experience with different fueling methods while running, I will be sticking to primarily sports-drinks. Gels don’t sit well with me and I have a few chews that I want to try in the coming weeks.

Saturday: 3 miles (Easy Run, 8:28 avg pace) + NROLFW Stage 5 Workout B + Interval Run (1.60 miles)

Despite the long run the day before, today’s easy run felt, well, easy! My legs felt light and fresh. However, I did have some stomach cramping for the first 2 miles of it, but it was mild enough that I decided to just run and breathe through it. Luckily, they subsided for a fantastically speedy mile 3.

Sunday: Yoga for Runners + 30 Day Shred Level 2

XT and Yoga day! I haven’t done yoga since I think September so even this short and easy flow was a bit awkward for me. For XT, I couldn’t get to the gym because the boy and I had lunch with his fam (they live a bit away) so most of the day was spent with them. But, luckily I have a decent enough DVD collection for an every-now-and-then workout and I dusted off my copy of Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. I like Ripped in 30 better but I decided to give this a shot instead. Boy are my shoulders sore!


This week is sort of “pre” training in my opinion. All of the runs are classified as “easy”, meaning no speed work really. As far as total mileage goes, this is a pretty average week compared to what I was doing before training began. I’ve found that running on a treadmill isn’t all that bad and should be fine for the next couple of months until it’s bright enough to run outside in the early morning and evening.


Miles Run – Week 1: 24.12
Miles Run – Total: 24.12
Strength Sessions: 3
Yoga Sessions: 1


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