Tupperware WIAW

When it comes I wanna wail “WHATIATEWEDNESDAYTUESDAY!”

Hey guys. So now I’m neck deep into my classes, internships, and training. So here are just a few visuals rather than the full walk-through that I usually do. Enjoy!

Overnight oats.

Pumpkin protein bars.

Greek yogurt + strawberries + almonds;; tuna + veggies;; chicken + veggies+ brown rice blend.

I just realized that literally everything I ate today came out of some type of tupperware. Winning?

Is winter break over for you?

Are you as big of a tupperware user as I am?


19 thoughts on “Tupperware WIAW

  1. I tote all of my foods around campus in those ziploc containers that are essentially Tupperware. I just wish I could find a nice lunchbox that was designed for a few of those rather than just a sandwich. =\ Oh well, at least my backpack has enough room… for now. I hope your classes and internships aren’t too stressful!

  2. haha, yay for tupperware! My meals are eaten out of containers are a very frequent basis- oh the joys of being busy!
    The pumpkin protein bars look so delicious and moist. Mmm…

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