NROLFW – Stage 6 Recap

Stage 6

Check out the Stage 1 recap here, Stage 2 recap here, Stage 3 recap here, Stage 4 here, and Stage 5 here.

Stage 6 is much different than the rest of the program thus far. This is actually an “optional” stage that you can do if you aren’t focusing on rapid fat loss and instead want to develop more strength relative to your body weight. The exercises that you perform do not appear in any other stages up until this point, which I think is pretty exciting since it switches things up. The real goal is for you to be able to do a full chin-up without assistance.

While I wasn’t able to do a full chin-up at the end of the stage, I have definitely gained a lot of strength and plan on continuing these exercises after the program is over in 2 weeks so that I can get myself to that point. I’ve never been able to do a chin-up in my entire life!

As far as my body goes, I’m pretty sure that my shoulders are becoming more developed as well as quite a few of my back muscles.  Arms do not appear to be becoming more muscular, but they may have toned out a bit in this stage.

End of Stage 5.

End of Stage 6.

Stage 7 is the last of it and is different from the rest of the program as well. It’s titled “The Final Cut”. None of the workouts are exactly the same as the others, so I think I’ll really enjoy the variety that this final stage is going to bring. Can’t wait to finish this program and write my final recap post in two weeks!


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