NROLFW – Stage 7 Recap

Stage 7

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Stage 7 is the end. “The final cut” as it titles itself. Every workout was different than the last, although they were all variations of the same few exercises, if that makes sense. Every workout began with either squats, a superset of bench presses and rows, or deadlifts. The book says that you can through through the 6 workouts once or, if you really want to, twice. But let’s face it, I find high reps extremely dull and despise step-ups with all of my being, so no way was I going to repeat having to do step-ups for another week.

Not all of the exercises that were done in Stage 1 were done in Stage 7, but here are a few of the ones that were for comparison of how much I’ve grown in the past 5 months:

I’m quite proud of these growths! Now that the program is over, I plan on doing two total-body lifting sessions a week for the remainder of my marathon training, and then after my race I want to try the LiveFit program this summer. I think that this will give me just enough time to complete Jamie Eason’s program before I need to start training for the Grand Rapids Marathon which I’ll be running in October.

And now for the pictures!

End of Stage 1.

End of Stage 7.

 BAM! I gained 6.5 lb of solid muscle. Okay, maybe some fat, but I feel like the majority of it has been muscle and I think that the pictures prove that. Everything is “sucked in” more, more tight. The greatest improvement, by far, has been in my back and arms. No more noodle arms for me! I’m even starting to see the beginning of that coveted “V” formed with wide shoulders and a tiny(er) waist.

All in all, yes, it was a big time commitment, but the results are truly amazing. I cleaned up my diet (while still allowing indulgences!) and increased my protein intake while decreasing my carbohydrate intake (not drastic cuts, just changed from making it about 80% of my diet), drank plenty of water, and slept for 7.5 hours most nights, which seems like a good amount for me when I’m not sick (then I nap!). I also did not take a week off between stages because I felt like they were not necessary for me. My body rebounds quickly from workouts and I did not feel like it was stressing my body to take off more than a day or two between workouts.

Anyway, for anyone who is new to lifting weights, like I was, and wants a program that works, I would highly recommend The New Rules of Lifting for Women. I know that I’ll be coming back to this book time and time again as a reference.

Have you tried The New Rules of Lifting for Women?

What do you think of my results?


5 thoughts on “NROLFW – Stage 7 Recap

    • I didn’t follow specific diet per se. I modeled my eats after the LiveFit nutrition plan (you can find it on Pretty much just made sure that I had a good protein source at every meal, ate every 3 hours (at least). I probably had at least my body weight in protein each day (e.g. If you weigh 100lb, eat 100g protein), but I didn’t keep track or keep a food diary or anything.

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