Lansing Marathon Training: Week 6

Lansing Marathon Training

  • Week 6 – This week!
  • Week 5 – (27.41 miles)
  • Week 4 – (28.07 miles)
  • Week 3 – (24.65 miles)
  • Week 2 – (23.61 miles)
  • Week 1 – (24.12 miles)
  • 10 weeks to go…
Week 6: February 6 – February 12, 2012

Monday: 6.00 miles Yasso 800’s (Quality Run)

And I did them right this time! I actually was smart enough to have my notecard with all of the mileages written out on it within view this time instead of tucked away somewhere. I ran 800m (~0.50mi) @ 7.2-7.7 and then did a 400m (~0.25mi) recovery jog @ 6.0. This was such a great speed work session! I really have never done speed work before, mostly just focusing on getting the mileage in and time on my feet, but I know that speed work is important too! Especially since, while my overall goal is just to finish, I of course have a time that I want to beat. Speed work will help me do that!

Tuesday: 4.20 miles (Easy Run, 8:45 avg pace) + NROLFW Stage 7 Workout 4

Easy run. Uneventful. I spent the time reading Confessions of a Shopoholic. After the run it was time to lift! I really love lifting, but my workout had me doing step-ups, which definitely are on my list of least favorite exercises of all time. Lifting in and of itself is repetitive, but doing 4 sets of 20 reps on EACH LEG is just mind numbing (that’s 160  total for those keeping track at home). Tuesdays are always hard because not only do I run and lift in the morning, but I also ride my bike to/from campus so that I can get to work on time. Then I help train clients for 5 hours. Yeah, Tuesdays are exhausting on my legs.

Typical Post-Lifting Meal. Sweet Potato + ON Protein Shake.

Wednesday: 5.00 miles Tempo Run

I wanted to do 6 miles but I didn’t think that time would allow for it because of my weekly work meetings and because I was slightly freaking out about an exam that I had that morning. Pretty soon my Wednesday runs will have to shift to the evenings because I just don’t see myself having time to run 7-8 miles in the morning when I only have an hour to do it and at tempo pace.

Thursday: 4.54 miles stationary bike + NROLFW Stage 7 Workout 5 + Yoga for Runners

Cross training and yoga day! Not going to lie, I really looked forward to not running this morning. Almost the end of week six and, while the training itself isn’t really that hard, the rest of the things that make up my day-to-day life has been particularly draining. Cycling is my cross-training of choice, and you know what? It felt easier! I usually work pretty hard at a resistance of 6, but today 6 felt pretty comfortable. Stronger leg muscles? Let’s hope so! I did yoga before my workout today to get it out of the way and I’m glad that I did. Also, barbell incline bench presses are hard. I wish that I had had a spotter today because I think that I could have pushed out a few more reps if I knew that there would be someone behind me ready to help me out. But, alas, no such luck.

Friday: 11.00 miles (Long Run, 8:47 avg pace)

11 miles on the dreadmill. Snow kept me indoors this week. I watched 2 episodes of House and the ending of Becoming Jane. The first 7.5 miles actually weren’t too bad, but after the first hour it became harder and harder to get myself to keep going. I just kept using my 2-mile run/1-minute walk technique to get me through and it definitely helped a ton. Followed up by copious amounts of foam rolling and stretching. My legs were definitely feeling it after I was done and rolling made a lot of that go away. Honestly, all I wanted after I got done running was chocolate. I never have any when I really want it! Probably because I eat it all too early in the grocery week, haha. I was actually surprised by how well I tolerated this run considering how close it is to a half marathon distance and I have not run this far in a long time.

Foam Rollin'. A Runner's Best Friend.

Saturday: 3.20 miles (Easy Run, 9:32 avg pace) + NROLFW Stage 7 Workout 6

My legs were only a little bit sore this morning from the long run the day before, thankfully. With the amount of snow that we got last night (winter has returned to Michigan!), I had the gym mostly to myself for the first half hour of my workout, even with the later opening time on the weekends. This was also the official last day of The New Rules of Lifting for Women  program that I’ve been doing since September 7, 2011 when I first picked up a barbell. If you want to read more about this, check out my recap post.

Sunday: OFF


I hate step-ups. I hate tempo runs, they are way too slow for my taste. Do the thing that you hate the most first. I don’t know if I feel depressed because I’m starting to feel burnt out, or if I’m burnt out because I’m feeling depressed, but this has been an extremely difficult week mentally and I haven’t felt like myself at all. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11’s are my favorite shoes in the world. I already owned one pair and I just started running in a second pair (different color). Seriously, you don’t have to break these babies in, they’re ready to run in straight out of the shoe box. I dare you to find a pair of shoes that I will love more than these.


Miles Run – Week 6: 29.40
Miles Run – Total: 157.26
Strength Sessions: 3
Yoga Sessions: 1


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