Lansing Marathon Training: Week 7

Lansing Marathon Training

  • Week 7 – This week!
  • Week 6 – (29.40 miles)
  • Week 5 – (27.41 miles)
  • Week 4 – (28.07 miles)
  • Week 3 – (24.65 miles)
  • Week 2 – (23.61 miles)
  • Week 1 – (24.12 miles)
  • 9 weeks to go…
Week 7: February 13 – February 19, 2012

Monday: 6.64 miles Track Ladders (Quality Run)

I was aiming for 7 miles, but the treadmill starts you on an automatic cool-down after 60 minutes, so I just finished up and decided that it wasn’t really worth restarting the machine just to do another 0.36 miles. In the long run, 0.36 miles won’t make a huge difference to my future marathon running success. I seriously struggled to get out of bed this morning.

Tuesday: 4.20 miles (Easy Run, 9:12 avg pace) + Lifting

My legs felt really good this morning. Since I finished up with NROLFW I had to make up my own lifting routine today. I used exercises that I learned while doing NROLFW, but picked and chose the ones that I liked or had not done in a while, like ab work. Stages 6 and 7 seemed pretty scarce on the core work and I missed it! Boy, does my body have some work to do to get its core strength up.

Wednesday: 6.00 miles Tempo Run

Again, tempo runs? Not my thing. But, luckily, my work meeting got let out early so I wasn’t scrambling as much for time, only a teensy bit. But, I had planned ahead anyway just in case I would literally have to dash out the door to make it to my first class in time. I started a new book though! That’s pretty exciting in my little world. My friend and I are reading a book “together”. We have tea every once in awhile and it’s always nice to have something substantial to talk about. I’ll probably end up finishing before him because I’m actually quite enjoying it! And I guess I’m a fast reader or something like that. Anyway, Wednesday runs are always boring and uneventful. Period.

Thursday: OFF

Barbells are a girl's best friend.

Friday: 12.00 miles (Long Run, 9:13 avg pace)

While I’m still not in PDR territory, this was probably my toughest run mentally to date. The first 10 went decently enough, but then I found it seriously hard to get myself to keep taking steps and moving forward. I had some stomach trouble/pain because I wanted to see if I would be able to handle taking my medication during a run. Turns out no. Not sure how I’m going to deal with this other than just sucking it up and realizing that, no matter what, I won’t feel well during/after my run. I also accidentally wore my old running shoes so it wasn’t particularly comfortable on my joints. Mistake learned, hopefully.

Saturday: 4.20 miles (Easy Run, 8:51 avg pace) + Lifting

Really good and strong run. My legs didn’t feel nearly as bad before my run as they felt yesterday after my long run. The wonders of massive doses of dark chocolate! The lifting also was really good, too! It kicked my butt, but it was awesome. I just made it up real quick before I went to bed the night before and tried to hit all of the major muscle groups. I also did my first assisted chin-up! I only had to counterbalance 30lbs. of my own bodyweight, too! I feel like being able to be a real, full, unassisted chin-up by my birthday is really a possibility now!

Sunday: 15.30 miles stationary bike

I was just not in the mood for doing yoga today. I’m seriously considering taking yoga out of my training schedule. We do a lot of stretching and flexibility work at work and I do a fair amount on my own anyway, so I think that I’m going to see how that goes for a while and see what happens. Today was cross-training and my XT of choice is the stationary bike. 1 hour easy. Well, the work itself is fairly easy, but my booty sure doesn’t think so. I need quite a bit more padding back there to make sitting in a bicycle seat more comfy.

Happy Valentine's Day to me! Those truffles were AMAZING.


I love running track ladders! My funk continues. What is with this? Do I have SAD or something!? I really can’t seem to figure out what is going on with this mental and semi-physical exhaustion. I’m beginning to wonder if, while I’m getting enough hours of sleep, they may not be of good quality. I’m also never allowed to eat things with Splenda in it ever again. I ate some ice-cream that had been sweetened with Splenda and I was in massive pain for the next 8 hours. All the more reason never to eat “diet” foods ever again. Bring on the Ben and Jerry’s! If I’m going to eat ice-cream, I might as well go for those crazy, delicious concoctions! Also, eating tons of dark chocolate will keep your leg soreness from messing with your running the next morning.

But, I’ve indulged a lot this past week,far more than I even usually do on my “bad” weeks, and now I really want to get back on track with my eating since it has definitely been affecting my IBS (most important) and self-esteem (secondary, probably due to the bloating and such from the IBS). So, I do not think that I will be buying myself anything in chocolate or ice-cream form for the foreseeable future until my body decides to sort itself out with the sleep and digestive issues.


Miles Run – Week 7: 33.04
Miles Run – Total: 190.30
Strength Sessions: 2
Yoga Sessions: 0


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