It Returns!

Happy WIAW my loves! I’ve been super busy with school and work, so I have been forgetting to take pictures for the past few weeks of my eats so that I can participate fully. But, I was determined this week and I got some pictures for you! True, they are not great quality (hello, camera phone), but here they are!

Meal #1

Overnight oats. Old-fashioned oats, ON Cookies 'N Cream whey, chia seeds.


4.2 easy miles + lifting…

Meal #2

Post workout refuel: ON French Vanilla whey, sweet potato.

Meal #3

Food Lab creations…

The focus of today’s lab? Appropriately enough, it was VEGETABLES!

Harvard Beets.

French Onion Soup.

Baked Acorn Squash (with pineapple and brown sugar), Zucchini, Corn, and Pepper (in back).

I can provide recipes for anything listed above!

Meal #4

0% Plain Chobani, almonds, walnuts, and CocoaVia mix.

Meal #5

Tuna and veggies.

Meal #6

Cottage Cheese. Favorite nighttime snack.

There you have it! So happy to be joining in the WIAW festivities again after such a long absence!


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