2 thoughts on “2.27.12

  1. hi,

    i have a “out of the blue” question..but I know you struggle with constipation…what do you think about coffee? i’vve heard that waking up and having a cup of coffee (and maybe an apple with it) and then waiting 30 minutes will help you go to the bathroom….I was wondering if maybe this might work…so then maybe about 30-60 mins after the bowel movement i could have a “normal” breakfast without worrying i won’t be able to go to bathroom later. (but i also hear so much “bad” about coffee)…

    • I actually don’t drink coffee, or any other form of caffeine either. I don’t react well to caffeine and my stomach can’t deal with the acidity of drinks like coffee and soda, so I just don’t drink them. My constipation is managed through a diet of (mostly) whole-foods full of whole grains and vegetables, adequate water intake, and medications.

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