Lansing Marathon Training: Week 9

Lansing Marathon Training

  • Week 9 – This week!
  • Week 8 – (35.48 miles)
  • Week 7 – (33.04 miles)
  • Week 6 – (29.40 miles)
  • Week 5 – (27.41 miles)
  • Week 4 – (28.07 miles)
  • Week 3 – (24.65 miles)
  • Week 2 – (23.61 miles)
  • Week 1 – (24.12 miles)
  • 7 weeks to go…
Week 9: February 27 – March 4, 2012

Monday: 7.07 miles Track Ladders (Quality Run)

Track Ladders, how I love thee, let me count the ways… blah blah blah. Really though, I love track ladders. Don’t ask me why, but it’s probably because you have to switch up your speed so much. I think that the only reason I will never run more than 7 miles of them at a time though is simply because I don’t want to restart the treadmill simply to do another < 1 mile. Too much runner’s math.

Tuesday: 5.20 miles (Easy Run, 8:37 avg pace) + Lifting

The run seemed to be going along just fine until near the end when I started to feel a little nauseous. I have no idea why, but since I have yet to actually vom in the past 7 years I felt pretty confident that I could just push through for the last little bit. I did some stretching and chugged some water before lifting weights and that helped a lot so I decided to follow the plan and lift was well. No problems!

Wednesday: 6.00 miles Tempo Run

Uneventful, but I did a fair amount of mobility stretches beforehand with my work group and I think that that actually helped me not feel my usual level of hate for Wednesday tempo runs. I did start getting some cramping (of the non-running-related variety) near the end which was no fun. It makes me want to punch myself in the gut. All I’ve got to say is, I was more than ready for a rest day on Thursday.

Empty workout room!

Thursday: OFF

I. Needed. This. I was so tired on Wednesday and my shins/tops of my feet were doing their weird hurting thing. Not really sure why this happens every once in a while, but this day off was certainly welcome.

Friday: 11.00 miles (Long Run, 8:44 avg pace)

Cut-back week! I did this run back at the gym by my house rather than at work because I forgot to bring my Gatorade mix to work. I probably could have survived the run using just water, but I don’t like to run for longer than an hour without a little something extra to give me some energy and electrolytes. I hopped on my favorite treadmill and set off. I started to get a little muscle cramping at the end, but it wasn’t too bad and I ran through it. This run was kind of awkward because I had to run in cheerleading shorts (aka booty shorts). Comfy, but awkward.

Saturday: 4.20 miles (Easy Run, 9:00 avg pace) + Lifting

Easiest run ever. I just read the latest issue of Healthy and Fit magazine (a local publication) and by the time I had read all of the articles I was just about done with my run. Stephen Colbert will just have to wait his turn until tomorrow. Lifting was also great. I switched up the grip that I use for my deadlifts and I think that it really helped me to be able to lift more. I hadn’t done deadlifts since the 18th and I’m impressed by the progress that I made! I was also able to extend my negative chin-ups to I think their longest collective times ever and they’re slowly starting to feel easier. My goal is to have ONE unassisted chin-up by the end of the month.

Sunday: 16.87 miles stationary bike

I really pushed myself on this one. When I’m on the bike, I do intervals. 2 minutes @ Level 9 followed by 2 minutes @ Level 6 and then repeated.  I think that this is the furthest that I’ve ever rode at one time! And you know what? My butt doesn’t hurt as much as it used to! Considering that I only spend one (well, two if you count my Tuesday class commute) day a week in the seat, I think that this is pretty impressive. I guess my butt is getting stronger? Buns of steel for sure over here.

Post-run sweat photog. You know you love them.


I don’t think that I will ever understand people who come to the gym, walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes (not even at an incline), and then leave. Why even bother?! Also, watching people hunch over the stair climbers makes me cringe. Cringe!

Lady problems will always suck. Also, do not watch TV while running unless it is placed directly in front of you. You will veer to the side and hit the side rails on the treadmill, hurting your hand, causing a scene, and forcing others in the gym to ask if you are okay. Yes, I am okay, I’m just a klutz. Good thing I know how to laugh at myself.

Time of the month = eating like crap. Time to jump back on that wagon that I hopped off of for the past few days. I perform better when I feel better and I feel better when I eat clean. I keep trying to think of some kind of motivational saying that I can post at my computer, but my brain just wasn’t made for original thinking, haha. So, I’m really going to make an effort to follow my eating plan again this week since it’s all laid out right there in front of me for every meal. Fitness ahoy!


Miles Run – Week 9: 33.47
Miles Run – Total: 259.25
Strength Sessions: 2


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