Lansing Marathon Training: Week 10

Lansing Marathon Training

Week 10: March 5 – March 11, 2012

Monday: 7.06 miles Yasso 800s (Quality Run)

I think that this was the first time that I committed 100% to what Yassos are supposed to be, which is running at a certain speed based on your goal time. Since my marathon goal time is 4 hours, I needed to run 800m (0.5mi) in 4 minutes (7.5mph = 8:00min/mi pace). Man was that hard. I never felt like it was too fast, and probably could have gone a little bit faster, but it definitely gave my legs a beating and I’m already feeling a little sore an hour later. Two more weeks until I see these babies again!

Tuesday: 5.20 miles (Easy Run, 8:55 avg pace) + Lifting

Legs were still sore from the speed work session the day before. But, I just kept going and reading my new book, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. And, yes, I do read it in a British accent. Lifting went pretty well too. Not really much to say about this day.

Wednesday: 8.00 miles Tempo Run

Outside run! It’s time for me to really try and start transitioning my runs outside, especially with the time change coming up this coming weekend so that it might finally be bright enough to get a run in in the morning and not be in total darkness. I plan on running my tempos and long runs outside from here on out and possibly a few of the easy runs too before I lift. I want to keep my Monday runs on a treadmill, though, since I really want to be able to have that tight control on my paces for those runs. I took a nice little loop along the outskirts of campus and through a few neighborhoods I haven’t run through before. Loved it!

Tentative Lansing Marathon Course Map.

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 16.01 miles (Long Run, 8:51 avg pace)

And all 16 of them were on the pavement. This felt like the run of the apocalypse. There was sun, there was wind, there were clouds, and there was snow. I hit a second wind during mile 13, but then the last 2 miles were a major struggle bus. I slowed down a bit, but I always tell myself that I can always go another 2 miles (since I take walking breaks every 2-3 miles). I did it, it wasn’t pretty, I drank chocolate milk and stretched and foam rolled for a good half hour and felt much better afterwards. This is the farthest that I’ve ever run all at once, so it feels like a huge accomplishment. All this new running territory and milestones!

Saturday: 3.20 miles (Easy Run, 9:45 avg pace) + Lifting

Run was slow going since my legs and hips were still quite a bit sore after yesterday’s run. I can only imagine what it would have been like if I hadn’t stretched and rolled so much. I even did some more rolling and stretching after lifting today. Hasten the healing! Got to wear some new workout gear that I grabbed last weekend on a Target excursion. Love C9 by Champion at Target. I pretty much refuse to wear anything else and it’s all at pretty reasonable prices for the quality it offers!

Sunday: 15.28 miles stationary bike

Was alone in the gym for most of the time, and I’m perfectly okay with that. Plugged into my Kindle and reading the Shopaholic series. I love these books! My booty sure is sore though after the past three days of running and now cycling. Burnin’ Buns!

Oh, Gwen, thanks for sticking with me through it all.


Running in sweatpants because you forgot to wear shorts under your warmups is super awkward. Maybe not as awkward as running in cheerleading shorts, but it still feels hella weird. Also forgetting to change out of your Victoria’s Secret shirt to run. VS wasn’t meant to see that much sweat.

Michigan is unpredictably bipolar in its weather patterns, so prepare for anything and everything. I have no doubt that I can win the mental game against the distance, I now just have to bring my body to the point where it doesn’t want to give up in the middle of it. I need to get back out to Target sooner rather than later and get some more workout and running gear! *Addicted*.

Holy Bajeezus! I just realized that I hit almost 40 miles this week. That is insane to my brain! So is the fact that I’ll be running about this much for the next 3 weeks as well. AND nearly 300 miles logged running in the past 70 days.


Miles Run – Week 10: 39.47
Miles Run – Total: 298.72
Strength Sessions: 2


4 thoughts on “Lansing Marathon Training: Week 10

  1. I have to give major kudos for you to be able to physical and mentally run those distances. I think it’s awesome that you have the drive and motivation to train for a marathon and with all of this practice you’re putting into it I feel that you’re going to do a great job during the the actual race. 😀

    • Thanks Daniel! I’m so excited for this race. A couple of weeks ago I was seriously in a training funk, but now that I’m past the halfway mark and I can say “It’s next month!” I’m really getting exciting about my training runs all over again. Probably the fact that it’s getting warm out finally is helping too.

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