Lansing Marathon Training: Week 11

Lansing Marathon Training

Week 11: March 12 – March 18, 2012

Monday: 6.93 miles Track Ladder (Quality Run)

IBS was bad bad bad today. I have both types and I swear that I have them both at the same time, and today it decided to be of the particularly annoying variety. So, several times during my run I almost had to run out the door and into the bathroom, but I somehow managed to hold out until the run was over and then ran out of the room. I think that my body just needs to adjust to the time change from yesterday since it was quite bad in the other direction yesterday as well. Fingers crossed it sorts itself out soon.

Tuesday: 5.20 miles (Easy Run, 9:20 avg pace) + Lifting

5 miles seemed really long today for some reason. While the run was mediocre, I felt good while lifting weights. I’m improving in my upper body strength all the time, since I’ve really been focusing on that and wanting to get 1 unassisted chin-up by my birthday. But my big moves (squats and deadlifts) have been steadily improving as well. I’ve also just started working on improving my grip strength. I body can lift a lot more, but that doesn’t matter if I can’t hold on to the dang bar! And I refuse to use straps.

Wednesday: 6.00 miles Tempo Run + Strength training

At work, we had to run through a full workout that completed kicked my perfectly sculpted (ha!) tookus. Then, RIGHT after that guess who still had to do her training run for the day? If you guessed anyone but me then I think you need to seriously question how you got this far in the post without figuring it out. It was slow, it got done, I had to rush home and to class, but I did it. Another day down!

One of the things that really grinds my gears is when people crank up the incline on the treadmill and then hold on for dear life. One day I caught EVERY SINGLE PERSON doing it. When will people learn?!

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 18.00 miles (Long Run, 8:59 avg pace)

Holeymoleycow this shiz was tough. It was 70+ deg and humid compared to last week’s snowy run. I think I actually got a bit of a tan in the little time that I was out there. I made it easier on myself by running 3 six-mile loops so that I could refill my water bottle a few times, plus I took a 60-120 second walking break every 2-ish miles. My hamstring was giving me a little trouble, but it was mostly when I was switching between walking and running and it went away after about a minute or two of running. I was also having stomach cramps a bit as well, but luckily none of it was IBS-related I don’t think so the sports drink solution is really working out for me!

Saturday: 3.20 miles (Easy Run, 9:32 avg pace) + Lifting

The run wasn’t the greatest between the combination of sunburn, sore legs, and the sun in my eyes. But, I got it done and the lifting felt surprisingly good considering the beating that my body received the day before. My abs were burning by the end. I usually like to have my last set be mostly or entirely core work. The Farmer’s Carry is a new addition to my routine. I’m using it mostly to increase my grip strength, but it also works basically all of your stabilizer muscles since it makes you so lopsided and forces you to correct for the extra weight on one side.

Sunday: 15.58 miles stationary bike

Sweaty bike ride while reading the beginnings of the next Shopaholic book in the series and The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I really wish that my normal gym supplied little towels since I always forget to bring one. It’s probably a medical anomaly the amount that I sweat, even in an air-conditioned room. On another note, I am now fairly tan all from just two days in the sun for a couple of hours. If only my body was all the same shade, though!

Only a runner, and only me. And, yes, I listen to my iPod upside down so that I can leave it unlocked and it won't skip songs from my arms swinging.


Just because I have IBS does not mean that I have the same type of IBS day after day. This is extremely frustrating because part of my treatment includes taking daily laxatives. If I keep switching between the two then the laxatives are both helping and contributing to the condition at the same time. I guess I’m just feeling a bit powerless and out of control right now.

I think that it’s safe to say that with the return of outdoor runs has also come the return of my zeal for running and racing. I am officially out of my running funk! Hooray! I can’t believe that there’s only 1 more month to go. Be still my beating heart!

There has been an absolute heat wave going on here in Michigan. Multiple days over 70 degrees which is way above average. My lungs and my body have definitely not adjusted to this kind of weather considering that it was snowing during my long run last week. After than 18 miler, though, I’ll be glad for a tiny cut-back in the long run department next week before THE BIG ONE.

Thank goodness for aloe! I guess that I’ll have to be sure to lather on the lotion for my long runs from now on. Funny, all summer I didn’t get a sunburn and the first sunny run I’m on this year and I get burnt. WTF, mate?


Miles Run – Week 11: 39.33
Miles Run – Total: 338.05
Strength Sessions: 3


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