WIAW: For Reals This Time

I got a picture of everything today! Finally. I really had to redeem myself after last week’s horrendous attempt at participation (if you can even call it that).

Meal #1

Overnight oats with chia seeds, vanilla whey protein, and natural pb.


4.2 easy miles + lifting:

Meal #2

Orange-Almond homemade protein bars.

Meal #3

It was egg day in food lab today, but it was mostly baked egg custards and unappealing dishes, so I did not partake nor did I snap a picture.

Hard-boiled egg whites, veg mix, and brown rice.

Meal #4

Mixed veg and tuna.

Meal #5

Annihilated: Chobani plain, strawberry preserves, and natural pb.

I devoured my snack at work because I had to go through an entire workout with a client. It was a great workout, but my camera was just not as fast as my hand going to my mouth. Shoulders were killer!

Meal #6

Night snack: cottage cheese.

Whelp. I’ve got an exam tomorrow in my Nutrition and Human Development class and have yet to start studying since my life is so beyond overbooked this semester. Oh well! Time to read over as many of my notes as I can before 3pm!


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