WIAW: April Showers

Only one more month of classes left! Welcome to April, WIAW, and I hope you enjoy the showers that are currently happening outside my window today.

Meal #1

Overnight oats with vanilla protein, chia seeds, and natural PB.


3.7 easy miles + lifting:

Meal #2

Post-workout meal of a sweet potato and a vanilla protein shake. With a side of aloe and band-aids for my blistered foot.

Meal #3

Hard-boiled egg whites, brown rice, and mixed veggies right before my Foodservice Management exam.

Meal #4

Salad with chicken, cherry Craisins, and raspberry dressing.

Meal #5

Greek yogurt, with peanut butter and strawberry preserves at work.

Meal #6

Cottage cheese! Nomnomnom. Love my nighttime snack.

Sorry for the extreme lack of pictures again this week. I always start out with good intentions, though!


3 thoughts on “WIAW: April Showers

  1. Go cottage cheese! haha
    & nice workout, looks intense. I def can’t lift anywhere that heavy. 100 lbs on a row, holy crap.

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