Lansing Marathon Training: Week 14

Lansing Marathon Training

Week 14: April 2 – April 8, 2012

Monday: 6.96 miles Yasso 800s (Quality Run)

Last round of Yassos before the race! They weren’t comfy though. My foot is pretty tender from the blister, but I popped a Band-Aid on right before and it added a tiny bit of cushioning, but I still felt it! Just working on getting it to heal right now. Grr…

Tuesday: 3.70 miles (Easy Run, 9:15 avg pace) + Lifting

Blister is still healing! It hurt so much the night before, I could barely move my foot. It feels okay right now, but still bothersome. Heal faster!

Wednesday: 6.00 miles Tempo Run

I think that this may have been the first tempo run that didn’t feel absolutely terrible and dull and boring and not completely stretched for time. Blister is healing nicely and didn’t interfere with my run at all. Only one more tempo run to go!

Gorgeous flowers on campus!

Thursday: OFF 

Friday: Strength + 13.53 miles (Long Run, 8:44 avg pace)

I had to participate in a group coaching class at work in the morning, which was probably a mistake, but I went on my run and did a little over 6 out and back which explains why I didn’t do the full 14-15 as planned. Plus, I figured that I would make up the mileage with my warm-up and cool-down tomorrow when I lift. I guess the bottom line is, this run didn’t feel all that great. My breathing just seemed off and my stomach wasn’t too fond of it either. I guess I just do better running right after breakfast instead of during the middle of the day.

Saturday: 20 minutes inclined walking (1.16 miles) + Lifting

No running in the books for today, so I did 20 minutes of inclined walking (4.0-6.5% @ 3.5-4.0) to warm-up for my weights workout. I was really hopeful that no running meant that my legs would be able to take more weight, and indeed that was true! New squat PRs and a new bench press PR too (barely, but hey).

Sunday: 10.06 miles bike ride

Since it was Easter both of my gyms were closed, so that meant taking my workout outside! L graciously agreed to go on a bike ride around town with me so that I could still get my cross training in and get to spend some time with him at the same time. Also, I turned it into an errand and went to submit another job application for this summer. That takes me up to three! Oh. My. Gosh. Was this ride hard. The winds were gusting 20-30mph and we seemed to be biking into it no matter what direction we were facing.

Easter Carrot Cake!


One week in and no taper madness yet! I feel like everything else in my life is just getting so much busier that I don’t have time to focus on the fact that I’m starting to not run as much.

I don’t know if you’ve heard/read/noticed, but I decided to drop down to the half marathon in October’s Grand Rapids Marathon instead of the full. I’m happy that I’ll be doing by first full in two weeks, but next year I don’t have the time to devote to another full, but I think that lots of 10Ks and half marathons will be in my future, and I’m fine with that!

I hope that everyone had/has a good Easter!


Miles Run – Week 14: 30.19
Miles Run – Total: 447.90

Strength Sessions: 3


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