Lansing Marathon Training: Week 15

Lansing Marathon Training

Week 15: April 9 – April 15, 2012

Monday: 6.00 miles Track Ladders (Quality Run)

Last quality run of the training cycle! 200m @ 7.5; 400m @ 7.2; 800m @ 7.0 with recovery periods of 6.0 for the same distance in between. Speed work always makes my legs feel so strong and makes me sweat like none other. There’s nothing like hitting the gym the morning after a big eating holiday, am I right?

Tuesday: 3.20 miles (Easy Run, 9:17 avg pace) + Lifting

This wasn’t a fun run. I got really nauseous for some reason, so I only did 3 miles (about as long as I could stand it) rather than the 4 that I had hoped for. I’m hoping that the nausea doesn’t become a trend, because I’m not above puking on marathon day as long as it means that I finish the race.

Wednesday: Strength + 5.00 miles Tempo Run

LAST tempo run of the training cycle. Halle-freakin-lujah. Too bad it had to come right after a group workout during my weekly morning work meeting. If there’s anything I regret about this internship or training for this marathon, is that the two had to intersect so that I couldn’t take full advantage of the gym and its classes. I honestly would join this gym if I had a full-time job and could afford the monthly membership. Until then, I’ll stick with my super cheap community center membership and maybe purchase a few things to start building my “home gym”.

Thursday: OFF 

Strength training is a must when training for a marathon!

Friday: 11.00 miles (Long Run, 8:39 avg pace)

Last long run! It was really windy and quite a bit warmer than I thought that it would be, so instead of doing the 2 mile, 1 minute walk like I usually do I did 1 mile, 30 seconds. This ends up being the same time-wise but it just as manageable especially when you’re having a hard time with your run mentally. I may end up using this run-walk method for the race and I’m perfectly fine with that since the time all end up being the same.

Saturday: 20 minutes inclined walking (1.17 miles) + Lifting

My pec major muscles are burning! I did chest flies for the first time in forever and I’m sure that I’ll be feeling it for the next few days. Gotta love the shaky feeling you get after a good, hard workout.

Sunday: 15.29 miles stationary bike

Last round of cross-training. Stationary bike at the gym. My lats are still super sore from the chest flies the day before. And now my booty’s sore from an hour on the bike seat and a night of bumping and grinding on the floor (on the floor!) Haha, for real though, dancing is serious work. I got whiplash St. Paddy’s Day 2011 because I whipped mah hair back and forth too enthusiastically.


It is beyond exciting to finally see the 22nd in the 10-day forecast. And so few workouts left to go! OMGONEWEEKTOGO! The race planning committee posted a picture of the medals and they look amazing. I will be picturing that baby around my neck every time I want to quit next week. DNF does not get a medal.

No taper madness yet, and I still don’t foresee it creeping up on me in the near future. The semester is ending and I’m being kept plenty busy with school and my internships still, as well as trying to see people before they graduate and go off and leave me for ever.

Any last minute advice for this, soon to not be, marathon virgin? Technically, since I got injured right before my half marathon last fall, I’ve only actually raced in 5 and 10Ks.


Miles Run – Week 15: 25.20
Miles Run – Total: 473.19
Strength Sessions: 3


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