Article Round-Up: May 1-5

I read a lot of articles throughout the week on nutrition and fitness between my newsletters, e-mails, Twitter, and Facebook wanderings. Normally I keep these to myself because I figure, hey, not many people are as interested in all of this as I am. But, of course I know that’s not true. There are a lot of like-minded individuals out there, they just probably haven’t found my blog yet. Well, until that time, I decided that I’d start to share some of these stories and links with all of you anyway! I hope that they make you think as much as they made me think:

Living With Obesity at 700 Calories a Day – A woman is obese even though she eats very little every day. Why? And how is she supposed to fix her metabolism? Many women as thrown off of higher calorie plans because the number scares them and they see the scale budge up 5-10 pounds. This is normal. Your body has been trained to think that you’re starving it and may take up to 4-6 weeks to retrain it and see any sort of weight loss and only if you’re eating the right kinds of foods. Persistence and consistency over time are key.

Eating Healthy Even in the Dark – Now you can’t even use a power outage as an excuse to not eat healthy!

McDonald’s Becomes the Target of Olympic Food Fight – What do you think of companies like McDonald, Snickers, Coca-Cola, and Nestle being sponsors of an event that is supposed to represent the cream of the crop in the world of athleticism and fitness?

Weight Stereotyping: The Secret Way People Are Judging You Based on Your Body – Heavy women are labeled as “lazy”, “sloppy”, “undisciplined” and “slow” more than thin women and thin women are seen as “conceited”, “superficial”, “vain”, “bitchy”, and “controlling”. All women are now being judged  by their size and studies show that women of all sizes hold these stereotypes.

Weight Train and Burn More Fat! – I especially like the “Scale Mentality” section of this article… “Who cares how much you weigh? The most athletic bodies are often considered overweight if you place them on the standard height/weight chart. Why? Because muscle is so dense that is weight much more than fat [for the same volume]. Muscle also holds about 60% more water than fat tissue causing muscular people to weight much more than their ‘skinny fat’ counterparts… That is what it all comes down to, your body composition. How much muscle and fat is on your body? Does it jiggle and wiggle? Or are you firm and tight?”

Nutrients That Sports Aficionados Miss in Their Diet – Are you a marathoner? CrossFitter? Yogini? You may not realize that you are at risk for developing certain deficiencies based on the sport that you practice!

Dom Mazzetti vs. Gym Buddies – Admittedly, not an article, but a YouTube video. But, I love Dom Mazzetti. No shame. SWOLE FOR LYFE!


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